Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old times.

Had to be about '78. Mel about a year old. My old green Pinto. Cheryl driving, just like always. My best friend Jean in the backseat. Mom had this picture in a photo album, so she mst have taken it for some reason. Don't know where we were going.

Timberly's birthday on Monday. I took it off as a vacation day, she has the whole week. We're going on a shopping trip in Topeka with Melissa, and having lunch. I caught a huge head cold, so am resting up to make sure I can go tomorrow.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life is just crazy.

Kentucky was a good time. Melissa at the one mile marker. Have no idea what this means.

Dad at the table. Last time, he only went from bed to chair to bed. He is doing exercises now, and really seems stronger.

Steve bought a whole prime rib, cut some steaks off for later, and cooked in the rotisserie. Excellent! The girls shot guns, rode a 4 wheeler, and we creek hunted with buckets. I knitted on my simply african violets scarf and passed where the pattern stopped. Had to finish my commissioned piece when I got home, but I'm back to working on it when I do watch tv in the living room.

I got a 3.something percent raise, and they've changed the pay periods. I get less on each check but there are 2 extra ones during the year. Have not caught up quite yet from the 5 day check period though. My raise was an exception, and I thanked my boss quite well. After all, they did save a whole salary paycheck by moving my coworker out, and I absorbed a good part of her job.

So I'm making good money, but don't want to go to work. That's crazy.

Bobbi is going to Johnson County, and working part time at the plasma donor place as a tech. She has some crazy stories to tell. And she hates pretty much all of it.

Kenny is doing his senior year online. He is still in trouble for crashing into a house. So I'm still in trouble for crashing into a house. Now, you have to admit, that's just CRAZY.

Timberly is doing beautifully at her job. She is doing special training, and she being reluctantly sucked into advancement. She loved her job as it was. That's crazy, and a good job, if you ask me. Mine used to be like that.

Cheryl finally got a medical card and gets $100 a month for 24 months, from the government, for support. That's your lifetime benefit. Crazy much? Also, when she gets her back disability pay, which is what they expect, so why they gave her the card, any medical expenses will have to be paid back from her back disability pay. Government freakin backwards politics crazy. And the new healthcare shit hasn't even gone into effect yet.

We had a tornado watch last night. Storm came in with rain and wind. Didn't hear the rain, but sure heard the wind. Went out to feed the horses this morning in shorts & flops, and skidded out of my flops into the mud. The fence has been lit and on every day. This morning, not. This afternoon, I go out to the front lot, and that tree lost another huge heavy branch and took out the 2nd and 3rd wires. Not the top or bottom. Got it lined out again, but need strong kids with strong backs to move the branch off the neighbor's fence. Tornado watch in September. That's just crazy.

Thanks, Teej, for following. I feel like a better writer, with an audience.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

The plant is shut down ALL 3 DAYS! Haven't done THAT in years. Some very happy hourly staff. I have alot to do. I have all my laundry from traveling last week. Dad seems better, stronger, less confused. It was great. Spent some time with Melissa, which hadn't done for a long, long time. Had dinner in a fancy Italian restaraunt, and 2 glasses of a Reisling white wine. Everyone at the plant was really nice. Nice customer meeting too. Haven't uploaded pictures either, yet. And my room is a mess. Hay coming tomorrow morning at 9. Hope this is a short easy day.