Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

This was the strangest Thanksgiving Day we've ever had. The girls were at their dad's, Kenny with his, and Mom in Chicago with her sister. Just my sister and I. We had a 14lb turkey (smallest ever), my bread stuffing, homemade yeast dinner rolls, pumpkin pies, etc. We used great-grandma's silver. As we sat across from each other, we did a milk toast, wishing each other a happy Thanksgiving, and looked at each other. 5 minutes later, TJ pulled into the garage, which made us feel better. We've been eating leftovers, including a turkey pot pie, for the last few days. I gave the monsters carrots and cut up apples in their feed, and Tucker was so excited, he pawed the ground while eating. Then he threw his feed pan down, and ate up all the apple pieces first. Little piglet.

Yesterday was Saturday. I got 2 tank heaters, 2 stock tank secrets (barley bags to keep the water clean for 2 months!), and installed them. Also got a sherpa lined green chore coat (on sale! paid $40 at TSC!) I used an electrical stake at the front lot, and like it so much, I'm going to get another for the barn lot. I called Dave for more hay, but had to leave a message and of course, I'm worried cause he hasn't called back yet.

Today, Kenny is to come home and scoop ALL the poop. Melissa's birthday dinner is at 3pm. Spaghetti & meatballs, bread, and a jello poke cake with koolaid frosting, in strawberry. Need to hit WalMart this morning. Brush the horses.

I'm trying to formulate a slow feeder, hay feeder, for the boys.

Hot flashes are back.

I'm thankful for everything!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not a bad day

I put this gate in yesterday. I took this after feeding, around 5:30pm. The camera picked up the stars and Griff's eyes and I thought it was kinda cool. Cleaned the stock tank and filled it, and Kenny scooped poop and wet hay. Gave Griff a good scraping and brushing to get the mud off. Tucker wasn't having any brushing but he didn't have caked mud on him. Chased him around and did get a few swipes in.

The upper picture is the barn view. It's still a muddy wet swamp up there, so the boys are locked up in the front lot. No rain forecast for a few days, and little wind for a change. If the weather turns nasty again, I'll have to let them up there, but I hate to. I wish the ground would freeze or something, but I don't have heaters in the stock tanks yet (till next weekend) so that may not be good right now.

Short week at work next week, and only Cheryl & me for Thanksgiving, but we're still going to do a small turkey dinner. I may take Wed. off - up to my discretion. I probably can, but we'll see.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think it's Thursday

Tuesday stayed home and did my job, and worked on the fence. All 4 strands are hot now, including the 2 stranded gate that Tuck may have used to make his escape. He may have just rolled over the bottom wire though, and found himself free. Got shocked a few times, and nipped a chunk out of a left-hand finger with the wire cutters. It quit raining yesterday so now we may be able to dry out till early next week. I'm feeding down in the front lot as it's less like a swamp. The horses were very spooky at last night's feeding. Griff was blowing and making his upset noise and wouldn't eat his feed for quite a while. It was spooky out there. This morning, I heard a dog outside the front bedroom window yip and yowl as he touched the bottom wire of the hot fence. GOOD. That's what it's there for. Nothing can get in bigger than a rabbit or maybe the cats, which Griff doesn't mind at all. I have to pick up feed really really soon. I may drive myself to work today (don't forget to fill the tank) and go get 2 or 3 bags of Strategy. Need to call Dave for hay delivery in 2 weeks. This weekend is heaters in the water tanks and a new hay feeder design. Need some straw too. Lots of cleanup too - as much as I can handle.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3am - runaway

Tucker got out at 3am. Griff was neighing and running from the barn to the front lot, so I knew something was wrong. Got half dressed and went out into the snow/drizzle, and Tucker was no where to be seen. Got some lights on and stumbled around the yard in the dark. Got a halter and after calling for awhile, Tuck comes up to the gate. Got him in, and threw them some hay, but Griff is driving Tuck away from all the hay piles. So. Will be doing my schedule from home today. Will be wiring up the part of the fence that I had left cold. The lots are flooded and muddy and I hope to god it quits raining soon.. Definitely need a good big flashlight.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's my birthday

Sunday my girls threw me a barbecue. The eldest and youngest daughters made peace, which was my wish. They cooked burgers & dogs on the grill, made a wonderful potato salad, and my sister made the Princess cake, and she agreed, it challenged her.
In the morning, Teej and I went to the Target and had over $300 of a good time. Great time. I found the only heels I could ever wear, but too small. I bought them, but they have them online in my size, so will be taking them back. Sweaters! Comfy cheap sweatpants! Black bag that hangs exactly right on my shoulder and doesn't slip down!
The girls gave me 3 gift cards - ebay, tj maxx and half-price books, all my favorites. Mom gave me a box full of stuff she's been gathering - those have been some of the best presents. A pair of work gloves that have bright yellow side so maybe I can spot them in the yard. Fingerless and won't have the hay stick. A picture of my weiner dog. An apron with pockets, plain cotton duck, for working outside and carrying cigs & cell.
Yesterday I got a plant from David & Kim, and a card (they love me!), and my boss let me go after the aft. update at 4:15. A storm came in, and I beat it home, got the monsters fed and the barn lot scooped as the lightening started. Played Majongg and Cheryl made oatmeat raisin cookies. Quite the wonderful birthday when I thought it would be just another day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet November

My birthday is Monday. I already took my day off for it, so it won't really feel right. Lynn is gone away to SYR next week, and I have an hour & a half net training meeting for Logility with the master today. Had one Wed. with my boss and another scheduler in Ohio, but very casual. Still marking it down for training hours. I have been nominated, and had a flash of great "I got it!". The only other time I've had this is when I got home from interviewing with this company 21 years ago. Yes, it was 21 years on the 1st of this month. Melissa's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, my father's is the 21st (and my childhood friend in San Diego is the same day), and now my grand-nephew will be 1 year old on the 16th.
It's supposed to get up around 75 degrees today, and will be nice Sat & Sun. Time to finish the fence and the feeders and the tack room. Time to saddle Griff and mosey around the yard, and maybe venture across the road!
And I have a mouse in my room.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 1st

Got quite a bit done was gorgeous...78 degrees. After messing up 3 times and breaking the pin, finally got a sliding lock on the barn door, and tightened the handle, so those cookie monsters won't be able to get in to the tack side. The wind had blown it open last week, and they dragged the drill, several grooming brushes and fence materials out into the lot. And they got the whole container of horse treats/cookies! The lid was outside the fence next to the water tank, and the container outside of the side fence. Mud all over and will have to be cleaned. They did not get their regular Strategy & seeds that evening. While I was working on the gate to the front lot, I saw Tucker rubbing his fanny on it so hard that it had popped open. I swear he's deaf, until he hears feed rattling in his pan. The halters & fly mask are hung up and the tack room is getting cleaned out. Griff got a trim, and his next appt. is Dec. 5th. I saw bot flies for the first time ever. Nasty things and had Griff crazy. Wormed both of them with Quest Gold. I'm off today and have a light to return to WalMart and going to install 2 more gates in the fence. Going to the casino for cigs and keno.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harriet Potter

All ready for work on Friday. I forgot to wear my orange bat "bite me" Tshirt.