Monday, November 2, 2009

November 1st

Got quite a bit done was gorgeous...78 degrees. After messing up 3 times and breaking the pin, finally got a sliding lock on the barn door, and tightened the handle, so those cookie monsters won't be able to get in to the tack side. The wind had blown it open last week, and they dragged the drill, several grooming brushes and fence materials out into the lot. And they got the whole container of horse treats/cookies! The lid was outside the fence next to the water tank, and the container outside of the side fence. Mud all over and will have to be cleaned. They did not get their regular Strategy & seeds that evening. While I was working on the gate to the front lot, I saw Tucker rubbing his fanny on it so hard that it had popped open. I swear he's deaf, until he hears feed rattling in his pan. The halters & fly mask are hung up and the tack room is getting cleaned out. Griff got a trim, and his next appt. is Dec. 5th. I saw bot flies for the first time ever. Nasty things and had Griff crazy. Wormed both of them with Quest Gold. I'm off today and have a light to return to WalMart and going to install 2 more gates in the fence. Going to the casino for cigs and keno.

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