Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday shopping spree

Timbers, Bobbi & I went on a short shopping spree, with some of Timbers tax return money. We went to Gordmans, Plato's Closet in Topeka, and finally, Target. I walked around Gordmans alone for what seemed like hours. The girls were in the dressing room that long. Nothing called out to me in the whole store. After I finally found them, they wanted to go to the shoe section, and on the way there, in the junior-plus section, I found a white peasant style blouse in 2XXL. I got it for a pajama top, but it doesn't look bad. Elastic banding at the bottom makes it able to pull down to my hips and ride there. Very poetic looking. Platos is not my favorite, but I did find a henly style white T, striped white on white, with a little lace above the button placket. $4.00. Then one of my personal favorites - Target. Finally got a pair of white converse tennies for work. Very cute! A dark violet tank, a v-neck white tee, a buff colored long sleeved henley, and a patriotic KU Tshirt that's just adorable. Came home and watched the game against KState with Timbers and worked on the Dolce cowl. It was a close, painful game. I don't watch basketball, but Timbers is entertaining. They did win in overtime, and KU is #1 now, as they should be. I bet the bars in Lawrence were obnoxiously loud last night! We had a great day.

Monday, January 25, 2010


30 bales of bome hay delivered and stacked for $120 on Sat. 1/23. Griff had his feet trimmed (after much mud scraping). It's really windy and for the next 5 days, cold, as well. Chances of snow and wintry mix. The gusts are up to 40 mph, which makes feel much colder. Not like it was a few weeks ago, tg. You can actually see the sun coming in the garage. The 2 stainless steel cans hold Strategy feed, and black oil sunflower seeds. Being stocked up on food, for animals & my family is a great feeling. Paid bills this weekend and watched some movies, got quite a lot of knitting done. TJ and Bobbi got to go to a cousin's wedding and spend time with some NY family, and Kenny got busted at a party in Lawrence, after curfew. His sister picked him up and I found out after the fact. He hadn't been actually doing anything wrong, except being there without permission. I didn't get his chore list done. I'm not feeling very well lately and it's hard to make myself do alot of things. Really hard. Have hot flashes every hour or 2 and it's just draining and depressing. What am I thankful for? What can I look forward to? This is hard.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Long weeks, short weekends

No holidays coming up until Good Friday. I didn't get much done at all this weekend. I woke up Sat. with spasms in my lower back. Friday night, while feeding the hairies, I found the barn stock tank almost empty with the heating elements exposed. Must have misjudged the water level in the dark the previous nights. So attached the hose and the steam clouded over the tank while I filled it up. It's a miracle it still works, and that the boys didn't get electricuted. Took the hose to the front lot tank and it had definitely been used, so topped it off as well. Unhooked the hose and drained it, all the while slipping around on the ice & snow patches. So somewhere I tweaked my back and felt it the next morning. By afternoon, the cramps I had been having off and on all week, kicked in hard. At one point, was threatening to go to the emergency room. Applying heat and advil finally brought it down after about 4 hours. Am going to make an appt. this week, somewhere. Must call David to get another load of hay this weekend, and Griff has a trim appt this weekend. Sunday, I got the xmas tree undecorated and packed away. KK has to carry all the stuff to the rec room today. I did do laundry, but didn't finish. Have to make a list of chores for Kenny this week. Have to get going!

Friday, January 15, 2010


This long week is almost over. The boy goes back to school on 3/22, and if he does alright, will spend his senior year there. Now he has about 10 weeks of nothing to do and trying to keep him out of trouble. Huge earthquake in Haiti this week. Lynn leaving the dept, and my job duties changing. Snow is melting, but still lots out there. Have alot to take care of this weekend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is the day...

Sayin a little prayer....the hearing at the school is at 9am. I have to get to work immediately after. Hoping they can make one little concession so the boy can get back to school. Never that school, but hopefully the one in our district. This meeting is his future. If I'm stressed, I can't think how bad it is for him.

Changes coming with my job, too.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

What the frack?

It's below zero out there. I have a vacation day today, to go to a hearing at the high school, but school is closed today. Better to stay in the warm house. Well, my room is warm. This picture is from the day after xmas. I haven't gone out to feed yet this morning. I topped off the water tank yesterday, scooped poop out of the barn, and tore up some prairie hay to may the barn cushy. I also put 2 more flood lights out there. They say there will be wind chills of up to 30 below, until Sunday. I have to go back to work on Friday, which is supposed to be the coldest this week. TJ is staying in Lawrence with Bobbi for awhile. My xmas present will arrive today, so I can hook up a media player in my bedroom, and put some movies & shows on the new drive. It's 74 in L.A.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

All of the family showed up, except John, who had to work. Melissa and Sean opened their gifts, and Mel really loved her Thermis cowl and Dashings. Sean's going to take his Tony Hawk game back to WalMart and get Xbox 360 games instead. This picture kind of says it all for me. My sister hugging her only grandson, and my grandson laughing in the background. We had a glazed baked ham, so tender, mashed potatoes (creamy!), some burnt butter mac & cheese (I messed it up and put too much tabasco, not to mention burning the butter for the bechamel sauce). A green bean casserole for some, tiny peas for me, home made rolls that didn't have enough heat to rise well, and hot apple cream pie with whipped cream. I made a gallon of punch/gingerale with sliced orange, lemon & lime floating in it. Wish I had remembered some sherbert. WII was played. Freezing outside. It's minus 4 today and supposed to snow tonight....

Resolutions: No plumbers called in 2010! Work on paying down credit. Trail riding. But mostly enjoying people in my life, and making my home more simple and fulfilling.