Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

All of the family showed up, except John, who had to work. Melissa and Sean opened their gifts, and Mel really loved her Thermis cowl and Dashings. Sean's going to take his Tony Hawk game back to WalMart and get Xbox 360 games instead. This picture kind of says it all for me. My sister hugging her only grandson, and my grandson laughing in the background. We had a glazed baked ham, so tender, mashed potatoes (creamy!), some burnt butter mac & cheese (I messed it up and put too much tabasco, not to mention burning the butter for the bechamel sauce). A green bean casserole for some, tiny peas for me, home made rolls that didn't have enough heat to rise well, and hot apple cream pie with whipped cream. I made a gallon of punch/gingerale with sliced orange, lemon & lime floating in it. Wish I had remembered some sherbert. WII was played. Freezing outside. It's minus 4 today and supposed to snow tonight....

Resolutions: No plumbers called in 2010! Work on paying down credit. Trail riding. But mostly enjoying people in my life, and making my home more simple and fulfilling.

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