Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Yep, that's coal. It looks really bright in this usually dark livingroom, but that's because there's a crap load of snow outside. The drifts in front between the cars and the door are hip high. Same out back behind the garage. I took a picture in the morning, but I know they are even higher now. And we're supposed to get another inch today. The ponies have snow and icicles covering their backs and you can tell they don't spend much time inside their shed. I've added more prairie hay to the floor, and they're getting and extra flake of brome at each feeding. I keep forgetting to switch the fence back on, or turn the lights off, or something. Justin & Kay & the baby made it up here xmas evening, but they weren't expecting the amount of snow we have vs what they got in Lawrence. They took off in the dark to go back home, and took the "bad" boy back with them. Kenny didn't have the kind of xmas he expected. Nothing happens the way he envisions it. His mood is up & down like a frackin yo-yo. TJ got her WII, and is having a ball with it again. So much for expecting her to chew me out about it. I got some wonderful minty-herbal microwave warming slippers & a tube for my neck, and big Tshirts to reconstruct from Mom, that she picked up in San Diego. She also got me a butter bell. We ran out of butter. Going to push some snow around today, and Griff may get his blanket on, if he'll let me. Still have half of season 4 BSG to finish, and always, knitting.

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