Monday, August 31, 2009

Great weekend!

The weather was cool & dry. In fact, chilly enough yesterday that TJ bundled up with a wool hat and armwarmers, sweatshirt and a throw, reading Farmer Boy. We laughed, but she was really cold.
Sold the Grand Am, so there's something I don't have to worry about any more. Gave me $600 extra cash too! To celebrate, the 4 of us went to Golden Corral and everything tasted fantastic. I was starving to death.....Mom and I got yarn at Michaels, and TJ got 2 canvases, watercolor paper, and sticks. Baby yarn - 2 skeins of an apple green for a hat/booty/sweater set, peony print & solid pink for a patchwork granny square blanket, and 4 skeins of homespun to knit together on size 50 needles. Supposed to be a baby blanket, but the stitches are so huge, you'd have to line it with a receiving blanket so the baby's hands didn't get tangled. I think it will end up a throw for TJ. Got 2 more skeins of vanna's choice taupe for Cheryl's scarf.
I ordered $100 of horse stuff too. Marked off the spots for Tpost setting so when the slammer gets here, we can get on it and get the fence up. Can't find the battery charger for the fence battery, so that has to go on my TSC shopping list. Which is getting large. Next weekend is the goal.
I have a 9am meeting to lead in the boardroom, so typed up a directional flow to go over with reps from each dept. Steve made me project leader. Interco is something I've done for so long, and I've always led the direction, but it's stressed me out because of the corporate eye this time. Just need to get through this week. How many times have I said that?

I also got a new camera! It's a Canon (no Kodak ever again) Power Shot, A1100 with 12.1 mega pixels. Then I can figure out how to post pictures here and have a true journal.

All in all, a very happy weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gryphon has his cave!

The new run-in shed showed up after 4pm yesterday, and I couldn't get home fast enough to watch it be set up. The Darling family showed up for dinner, a little later. My sister had made food all day, but we ended up barbecuing ribs/chicken/hamburgers, mom's potato salad, a pasta broccoli salad, and a fruit salad Cheryl had added cream cheese instant pudding to the cool whip - yummy. I stole the baby blanket mom had made, printed off an adorable card, and now have a shower gift for a young lady at work today. They're providing lunch so that's cool too.

This weekend it's laundry & bill paying, grocery shopping, cleaning my room, and planning & shopping for my feed room, and the fencing & gates. How fun!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The barn!

The barn is coming on Thursday - if it doesn't rain. Supposed to tomorrow, but not on Thurs, I think. Tonight, going up to Kim's after work. Not staying long as my stomache is hurting again, and feeling really tired again. It feels hot already, after the cool days & nights we've been having. I was missed at work last week. Got a hug from Bear, even. Next week, lots of people are on vacation, and Friday I'll be covering 4 schedules and interco. No rest for the wicked, heh heh. I wish. Got to go load up the car...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last day of vacation

Well, it's been a pretty relaxing week. Didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Hurt myself working outside yesterday, but the entire acre is mowed. Sawed down some branches. Dug 2 wheelbarrow loads worth of dirt and dumped it on the sinking water line area in front of the house. Knit a pair of elbow length armwarmers out of cream colored alpaca blend yarn and they seem pretty itchy. Soaked them quite a while, but may need to do it again with hair conditioner added.

Today I am supposed to: drop off a $500 check for the deposit on my livestock shed. Drive to Justin's & pickup a recovery disk. Drive to Kim's and drop off computer disks and go for a ride. I really want to just mess around the house. would like a haircut and dye job, too.

TJ rearranged the living room so I could have my chair out there and it looks great. Much more comfy.

Once the shed is in, just need to wire the fence and Griff comes home for good. I can't wait.

Will have to go to the bank this week and close the savings, deposit in checking, to be able to pay the balance of the shed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Halfway done

There have been thunderstorms almost every day since my vacation started. Haven't really accomplished anything except laying around. Today I plan on moving my butt around. Found a scrawny little kitteh cat outside, Roach was beating him up. He had an old tight flea collar on. We brought him in and put him in the laundry room with lots of food & water. Put a few drop of flea medicine on him. Need to take him to the humane society in Topeka. He's a little purr machine, and so affectionate & friendly, someone has to want him. We have enough animals here. Mom was less than thrilled. Watched most of both seasons of Rome this week, and got some knitting done on a pair of cream colored alpaca arm warmers.
I bought a pair of navy roper boots off ebay, yarn of course, cigarette case & sigg bottle cap to replace the one I lost at work somewhere. Got the last insurance check. Mel & Sean may come by for dinner tonight.
Also going to check out a shed on 24 that looks like it was kindof made for a horse. I don't have a clue what price might be, or how much to get it home, but it would solve the problem. Money usually does. Figure it might be dry enough to mow on Saturday. Need to wire the fence, plan a feed area, water area, and screw some boards to the tie posts. Need to charge the batteries too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday on my summer vacation

Stormed last night. Mom, Cheryl, TJ & I went to Coyote Canyon for a pretty cheap buffet last evening. I felt pretty anxious and uncomfortable, and I don't know why. It was my idea to go out to eat and all. Spent the day downloading crochet & knit patterns from Lion Brand website, who put everything up for free. Then added movies & shows to the portable drive. Finished Deathly Hallows Friday night. Supposed to go to Kim's this afternoon. We got about a half inch of rain last night so everything's wet. Still having a period. Feel hateful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 more....

days till my summer vacation. School starts for real next week. Kenny's in FL on his last day....Universal Studio seems to be the biggest hit for them. They've gone back every day I think. It's been hot and sunny all week...just watch, storms coming in this weekend and it looks like at least 5 days out of my 9 will be wet, so the other 4 will be muddy.

Confirmed to go to IF on the 28th of Sept for a week. That will be the week after our vacation to go to Kentucky. Then Machell and I came up with a horse camping weekend and the boss agreed! That's the 8th & 9th of Oct. I also have the 19th & 20th of Oct. So I'll be rolling over 3 days instead of 5?

Have some inside projects to do, as well as outside, next week....but the main goal is to bring Griff home the weekend after this, if not during the week!

Started spotting yesterday, and it's turned into a light (for me at least) period. See how it goes today. Have been really really tired after work. Started taking the herbals twice a day again.

Am half way through the Deathly Hallows book. And half through Best Eaten Cold. Finished my yellow Merit hat and it's just ok. I still love the cables & eyelet hat and Felicity the best. I'm thinking of doing cables & eyelet in Marine blue Malabrigo. Hand/arm warmers & mittens should be first on the list.

Two more days....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Interesting times

Hot weekend. Did some mowing, and some rock work. Putting pea gravel around the limestones, and river rock on top of that, under the outside table & chairs. Need 2 more bags of gravel. Kenny is in Florida, going crazy at all the parks. Keeps calling me to share, even sent a video clip from his phone. TJ spent the day at her dad's and got sun burned. So lazy at work now. I get an hour for lunch and have finished the Half Blood prince, and will be starting the final book this week. Have 2 rows left to finish my yellow Merit hat. 5 days and I get 9 days off! Can't wait. Have so much I want to do. Mom sold her keyboard through craig's list. I got a call about the grand am. The guy offered a trade and we talked about a run in shed for Griff. I think bartering is fantastic. What I need, what you need. He lives a couple of hours away though. I hope it works out. Tim is sending a truckload of dirt over from a job site nearby and we can finish filling the pool and hopefully have dirt left to fill some holes. Now for a bath...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's August already

It was really cool, almost like fall, but the 100 degree heat has rolled back in. Thunderstorms every 3 or so days. Still haven't seen Griff. Still haven't finished putting up the fence or shelter. Last week I was so busy covering another plant, that almost couldn't breathe. This week it's back to normal, which feels so slow. Taking a lunch hour is unheard of for several years now, but just doing my own job is what is normal for most people.
We had dinner with Mel & John on Monday, and it was nice. Bobbi hurt her foot/toes slamming them into a line of shopping carts at Walgreens. I fell down in WalMart, sliding on a can of coffee I had dropped. Played Keno on Sat. morning and got 4 out of 4 with a kicker TWICE and playing a quarter, the pot was $80 each time! Hooked, I tell you.
Yesterday I called in sick. About 1:30 in the morning I woke with stomach pains which went on most of the day. Gave me headaches too. Slept several times, but got my schedule done and answered emails and booked loads into Iowa anyway. Still sore this morning. Got to drink lots of water and eat more fiber.
We plan on going to the farmer's market in Lawrence Saturday morning, mom & I & Mel. TJ plans on going to an AA meeting down the street while we're there. Mom wants to hit the tomato tasting.
I cast on for a new hat this weekend: the pattern is Merit, in Cascade 220, a light yellow colorway. Pretty cute. Had trouble with the pattern while trying to watch the new Terminator movie. Was going to rip back but it's really not noticeable to anyone but me. Haven't worked on Lady E for a week or so though. Probably about halfway now.
Better get dressed and pack my lunch now.