Thursday, August 20, 2009

Halfway done

There have been thunderstorms almost every day since my vacation started. Haven't really accomplished anything except laying around. Today I plan on moving my butt around. Found a scrawny little kitteh cat outside, Roach was beating him up. He had an old tight flea collar on. We brought him in and put him in the laundry room with lots of food & water. Put a few drop of flea medicine on him. Need to take him to the humane society in Topeka. He's a little purr machine, and so affectionate & friendly, someone has to want him. We have enough animals here. Mom was less than thrilled. Watched most of both seasons of Rome this week, and got some knitting done on a pair of cream colored alpaca arm warmers.
I bought a pair of navy roper boots off ebay, yarn of course, cigarette case & sigg bottle cap to replace the one I lost at work somewhere. Got the last insurance check. Mel & Sean may come by for dinner tonight.
Also going to check out a shed on 24 that looks like it was kindof made for a horse. I don't have a clue what price might be, or how much to get it home, but it would solve the problem. Money usually does. Figure it might be dry enough to mow on Saturday. Need to wire the fence, plan a feed area, water area, and screw some boards to the tie posts. Need to charge the batteries too.

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