Monday, August 31, 2009

Great weekend!

The weather was cool & dry. In fact, chilly enough yesterday that TJ bundled up with a wool hat and armwarmers, sweatshirt and a throw, reading Farmer Boy. We laughed, but she was really cold.
Sold the Grand Am, so there's something I don't have to worry about any more. Gave me $600 extra cash too! To celebrate, the 4 of us went to Golden Corral and everything tasted fantastic. I was starving to death.....Mom and I got yarn at Michaels, and TJ got 2 canvases, watercolor paper, and sticks. Baby yarn - 2 skeins of an apple green for a hat/booty/sweater set, peony print & solid pink for a patchwork granny square blanket, and 4 skeins of homespun to knit together on size 50 needles. Supposed to be a baby blanket, but the stitches are so huge, you'd have to line it with a receiving blanket so the baby's hands didn't get tangled. I think it will end up a throw for TJ. Got 2 more skeins of vanna's choice taupe for Cheryl's scarf.
I ordered $100 of horse stuff too. Marked off the spots for Tpost setting so when the slammer gets here, we can get on it and get the fence up. Can't find the battery charger for the fence battery, so that has to go on my TSC shopping list. Which is getting large. Next weekend is the goal.
I have a 9am meeting to lead in the boardroom, so typed up a directional flow to go over with reps from each dept. Steve made me project leader. Interco is something I've done for so long, and I've always led the direction, but it's stressed me out because of the corporate eye this time. Just need to get through this week. How many times have I said that?

I also got a new camera! It's a Canon (no Kodak ever again) Power Shot, A1100 with 12.1 mega pixels. Then I can figure out how to post pictures here and have a true journal.

All in all, a very happy weekend.

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