Monday, November 29, 2010

Melissa's birthday, continued

In our family, birthdays last a long time. At least several days. You ask someone who has a birthday coming up, or even just past, to do something, and you get, "but it's my birthday". More likely they will ask you to do something for them, or buy them something, because it's their birthday. Anyway, she made her own birthday, at her own house, on the 27th. She barbecued pork for pulled pork sandwiches, and ribs, and made 2 pans of macaroni and white truffle-cheese, one without garlic, just for me. She made blue cheese coleslaw and vanilla sour cream ice cream. And Cheryl made the pavlova, pictured above. It was fabulous. I didn't like the crunchy dry part of the meringue layers, but loaded with whipped cream and strawberries (from our own garden), and blackberries, it was delicious. The ice cream was rich, and really good, but probably couldn't eat a bowl of it. Just a spoonful was nice. And we were stuffed. Again. Also had a glass of wine and 1 1/2 bottles of black cherry soda. I gave her her carribean blue panta, a pair of leopard fur flip flops with ribbons, and a bag of cracker jack. Good times.

Back to work today and I am bored out of my mind.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Melissa's birthday, and the day after.

That's my first egg, that became a child of mine. The wild child, herself. Melissa Paige, last name Darling, at this time. I love her energy.

My sister and I ended up eating buffet Thanksgiving at the casino. It was pretty darn good! And we had alot of fun playing different machines. Ended up there for 5 hours or so, and I had to be dragged out, pratically by my hair. Lucky my second & third eggs were here to feed the horses for me. They tell me I owe them. Ha.

It's cold outside. 18 degrees this morning, but supposed to warm up to 50. That's not warm. I don't wanna go out there.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks-giving 2010

This is where I would be oh so thankful for. Black sand beach in Hawaii. I can't even dream of being able to go there. Melissa went there on her honeymoon. Can't even go to my Dad's for the holiday cause my car isn't reliable.

I didn't mean it, Monte! I love you!

Mom is in San Diego (I could say something snarky about that), and my ungrateful children, spawned from my unreliable eggs (I believe the older eggs had degraded somewhat, and the earlier eggs had some slight genetic alterations), are feasting with their OTHER families, leaving only my steadfast sister and myself, on our own for the day. No cooking this year. We did that last year, and sat across the table from each other with a mountain of food, too tired to eat it, knowing we had to clean it all up.

No we're going out. Golden Corral is offering a Thanksgiving buffet this year, and the casino may be calling our names.

4 days off is a gift, and I intend to use it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here comes a holiday

This cunning trio played a Halloween trick. They went upstairs, changed into costumes, went out the back door and around the house, and knocked. The dogs went wild. I dragged Dickie into my room, and Cheryl answered the door. When she yelled at me to let Dickie go - I knew. They didn't get candy, they got a rock.

Thanksgiving is next week. Mom went to San Diego for 2 weeks. The kids go to their dad's. Last year it was my sister and I across the feasting table. This year, it seems it will go that way again. We've kicked around some ideas to have an interesting day, but we probably won't make a hard decision until the day before. Mel's birthday is the day after, just like the year she was born. I'm knitting a second panta for her. The first was given to someone else who requested it. Since she's lent me thousands of dollars of horse training dvds, it was my pleasure.

Got a load of hay on Thursday morning. I'm feeding soaked alfalfa cubes and cutting back on the hay, so let's see how long this lasts.

We're done with the WM CRS at work. Our plant rocked it in November, but I hear the bonus will be pitiful. And the xmas party will have snacks instead of dinner. There will be door prizes, but I wonder. I signed up for me & Rob to go.

Got to schedule IF on Friday, which is dang hard for one day going into a weekend. But it was fun to talk to everyone there again.

T - if you're reading this, thanks for being my solitary reader. I will try to be more consistent and quite more entertaining from now on. Love you.