Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks-giving 2010

This is where I would be oh so thankful for. Black sand beach in Hawaii. I can't even dream of being able to go there. Melissa went there on her honeymoon. Can't even go to my Dad's for the holiday cause my car isn't reliable.

I didn't mean it, Monte! I love you!

Mom is in San Diego (I could say something snarky about that), and my ungrateful children, spawned from my unreliable eggs (I believe the older eggs had degraded somewhat, and the earlier eggs had some slight genetic alterations), are feasting with their OTHER families, leaving only my steadfast sister and myself, on our own for the day. No cooking this year. We did that last year, and sat across the table from each other with a mountain of food, too tired to eat it, knowing we had to clean it all up.

No we're going out. Golden Corral is offering a Thanksgiving buffet this year, and the casino may be calling our names.

4 days off is a gift, and I intend to use it.

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