Monday, July 27, 2009

It's summer alright

The post I did yesterday evidently didn't take. Borrowed Bobbi's truck Sat. and got that trailer full of trash to the dump, minimum charge of $25.00. Then loaded up the pool parts and recycled them for $19.95. The trailer's parked in the garage now, so we can start loading up as we clean out the north side. The south side is clean and full of hay.
Got to knit outside in the shade for awhile yesterday. It's been really nice, if you're not working hard. I'm going to put in for a week off in August.
This week will be a long one. I am scheduling IF plant while Teresa's on vacation. The hot flashes have subsided to a couple at night and a few during the day. Those herbal pills really work, they just take forever.
I have to fax in the receipts to the insurance guy today. Enroll Kenny Thursday night after work, I think.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another stormy night...

I worked from home yesterday - finally had to shut off zeus (new desktop replaced dell w/lightning fried motherboard), to get the vaio to let me log on to jd. lotus was fine. A1 brought 3 truckloads of dirt, and it still wasn't enough. The pool hole got 2 tvs & one old dell chucked in and smashed down, then load after load of rotten cinderblocks mixed with waste/mud that used to be the septic tank for this house. $4500 later, it seems the laterals are fine and the tank is working fine, and no leaking, despite almost 2 inches of rain last night. The power went out as I was watching Tin Man series, and as I fumbled to get a lantern lit, the battery backup surge protector was making a keening noise. Unplugged, it still made th same noise. Hit the power and reset button and it shut off.
As I waited for stuff to boot up, I finished closing the tops of my 2 hats, and wove in the ends. My styro head in a box arrived yesterday, about the same time as the insurance guy. Have hats to soak & block this weekend.
As we figured, insurance does not cover a septic tank, and they can't even think of a situation where one would be covered. However, he took measurements of the hall and my bedroom and the lower room for carpeting estimates. Avg carpet replacement, pad, install & getting it out, minus deductible & depreciation equals check. When the flooring is replaced, I need to fax the receipts and supposedly get the depreciation back up to the estimate. That check, and the other, will need to go to my bank card to help cover the plumbing payment that I charged. THAT scares the hell out of me. I can see the payment being around $400 a month just for that one card.
If I think about all of this, I'll just break down. So I'll think about it some other time, after all, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, sunday....

The air is very cool, and with the windows open (It's freakin July in Kansas!), I woke up to the pale light of dawn, birds singing outside, and a hot flash. We have had water since Friday evening. We do have a brand new plastic septic tank laying in a big old hole, with a backhoe/dozer looming over it. They have to bring more gravel & dirt on Monday to finish it. My US Bank credit card is laying there in the kitchen to pay for it. I can't take Mom's or TJ's money. The interest rate is going to kill me. I did call the ins. company and will hear from them this next week. If this is covered, I would be the happiest person in the entire world. My face is breaking out, which it hasn't done in forever.
TJ and I mowed and weedeated yesterday, and moved some aluminum around. There's still mowing to be done, but I see Kenny's truck here, so guess what he gets to do today. I have some plans to saw some branches down.
I loaded a bunch of movies on to the media drive last evening, until I couldn't sit in front of the laptop anymore. We watched 300 in hd and were struck again about how much better it looked. I'll have to replace some movies in the new format, and I get them.
Did another row on Lady E. I might be halfway. Still need to finish my black malabrigo hat, and Bobbi's khaki lamb's pride hat, and get them off the needles. Have a grey shrug, a khaki armwarmer, and a black cowl in progress.
Would love to see Griff today, but TJ will be using my car to go to her dad's. Would love a haircut and pedicure, but can't afford it. Hoping I have enough left to pay the propane and verizon bill. And insurance on 3 cars. Just opened the bill and it's $109. Propane is $190, and Verizon $251. And 3 months of trash is $48. I don't think I have enough. I hope the second check for the lightning damage comes soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't believe it....

The septic tank didn't need to be pumped out, really. Since it had collapsed and hadn't been working since before I bought this place. The previous owners seem to have invested alot of money in the laterals, but since the tank was crap, the laterals may have never worked? This is crazy. They quoted me $4500. for a new tank and all. If the laterals are messed up, that is a totally different deal. Meanwhile they thought a "big rain" was coming and headed out of here. Just capped off the line coming out of the house so it wouldn't back fill with rain. No rain came. No water for showers toilets sinks, etc. Lucky only that the kitchen is on a different tank. That had cost over $800 a year ago to fix. They are going to put some extra dirt and crap from the tank in the pool hole, to help fill that. Just killmenow. Calling the insurance co. today so they can tell me I'm not covered for a rotten tank. We are peeing in buckets and taking "whore's baths" at the kitchen sink.
Gryphon is still not home.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Water again.....

Seems the septic is full of water, which is not surprising. All the rain, and amount of people living here off and on for 7 years, seems to have required it to be pumped out. It doesn't smell or pool up outside, that I can see. The downstairs toilet bubbled and leaked and backed up, and so did the shower. We went on water rationing yesterday and Mom got some numbers from the nice people at her church. She'll be calling someone first thing this morning.
Russ is back in San Diego. We had breakfast at IHOP and went over to Best Buy. Got an out of the box deal on a 46" LG, a 640gig drive and WD converter. The HD is amazing and I love it as much as my new enV Touch phone. Did not get any yard or work of any kind done. I feel pretty crappy most of the time. The hot flashes aren't subsiding in any way, and it's just exhausting. The Monte broke down on TJ Friday morning, and K4 got a new water pump & serpentine in for about $210. Last month Doug's replaced a vacuum hose that split, for $80. Still has a switch problem for the A/C and the brakes are grabbing.
Getting broke again. Hope the last insurance check comes soon.
Oh, Miss Kitty moved in again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another 3 day weekend coming up....July 9

Taking tomorrow off to do some shopping. Can get a converter and file space for 500gbs for less than $200. No dvds, no cds, no vhs to mess with. Makes perfect sense to me. But the TV & player and stand would be about $1200. Just scares me. Still need a truckload of dirt and a horse shelter up in the next month. It's ok. I'll never have to leave home cause everything I love will be right here!
Need to make doctor appts. The hot flashes are killing me. Tired and sick feeling most of the time. Some cramps. Not much sleep at all. Aches & pains and small headaches. Eye problems. Dentist too. You're really getting old now, girlfriend!
Russ goes back home early Sat morning. Mel & John are having a barbecue & badminton Sat evening. Busy weekend again......

Monday, July 6, 2009

This long weekend over - June 6

After 5 lovely days off, it's back to work, my pretties.....I will be putting in to take Friday off. My brother and I will be going to get a new TV and storage/media unit.
My neighbor brush hogged between our properties and I can widen the horse pen by a few feet. The trench out front is collapsing, so need to buy dirt soon. 3 1/2 inches of rain has filled up the pool hole. Power went out on Saturday night (not a storm, just firecrackers everywhere).
I picked up Lady E and spent 10 minutes figuring out what I was doing. I now have 3 new tiers done and the Noro is great knitting up.
I have 25 lovely new bales of hay in the garage, and the baby copperhead I found while cleaning out the old hay in the slats of the pallets was released way down the road.
We grilled cornish game hen halves and baby back ribs yesterday, and Mel brought fresh raspberry buttermilk cake. All my kids and grandson were here. What a great day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starting over

I had a blog over on Yahoo, and since they've changed everything, I've decided to start over on Blogger. I hate to lose the go-live posts, and the important events posts, but since lightening struck one of the huge trees in front of my house, and fried my 5 year old Dell desktop, I'm starting over in alot of ways.

Insurance paid for a new water line into the house, and a new central air conditioner, $500 for the tree, and the cost of a new WII. I still have to turn in 3 TVs, a dvd player, a radio, and router. The cable company replaced the cable line and modem without cost. Act of god, you see. The water company replaced the meter, for the same reason. The yard has been leveled as of yesterday. It had been too muddy/wet to finish the job, up until yesterday. The insurance adjuster is very cool and easy to deal with, unlike my previous insurance who insisted I wasn't covered on any of the water issues.

We call it my water curse around here, and I've decided I need a water tattoo on me, so water will stop trying to come to me.....since the tree had obviously been hit before, I might want to add a lightning strike to this tattoo. I have a large one on my lower back, it says Gryphon with wings on either side, and that hurt pretty bad, so going through that again would take some determination.

Anyway, I'm on day 2 of a 5 day long weekend, and have a huge list of things to accomplish, and starting a new journal was an easy one. And needs to be a short one.