Monday, July 27, 2009

It's summer alright

The post I did yesterday evidently didn't take. Borrowed Bobbi's truck Sat. and got that trailer full of trash to the dump, minimum charge of $25.00. Then loaded up the pool parts and recycled them for $19.95. The trailer's parked in the garage now, so we can start loading up as we clean out the north side. The south side is clean and full of hay.
Got to knit outside in the shade for awhile yesterday. It's been really nice, if you're not working hard. I'm going to put in for a week off in August.
This week will be a long one. I am scheduling IF plant while Teresa's on vacation. The hot flashes have subsided to a couple at night and a few during the day. Those herbal pills really work, they just take forever.
I have to fax in the receipts to the insurance guy today. Enroll Kenny Thursday night after work, I think.

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