Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starting over

I had a blog over on Yahoo, and since they've changed everything, I've decided to start over on Blogger. I hate to lose the go-live posts, and the important events posts, but since lightening struck one of the huge trees in front of my house, and fried my 5 year old Dell desktop, I'm starting over in alot of ways.

Insurance paid for a new water line into the house, and a new central air conditioner, $500 for the tree, and the cost of a new WII. I still have to turn in 3 TVs, a dvd player, a radio, and router. The cable company replaced the cable line and modem without cost. Act of god, you see. The water company replaced the meter, for the same reason. The yard has been leveled as of yesterday. It had been too muddy/wet to finish the job, up until yesterday. The insurance adjuster is very cool and easy to deal with, unlike my previous insurance who insisted I wasn't covered on any of the water issues.

We call it my water curse around here, and I've decided I need a water tattoo on me, so water will stop trying to come to me.....since the tree had obviously been hit before, I might want to add a lightning strike to this tattoo. I have a large one on my lower back, it says Gryphon with wings on either side, and that hurt pretty bad, so going through that again would take some determination.

Anyway, I'm on day 2 of a 5 day long weekend, and have a huge list of things to accomplish, and starting a new journal was an easy one. And needs to be a short one.

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