Monday, July 6, 2009

This long weekend over - June 6

After 5 lovely days off, it's back to work, my pretties.....I will be putting in to take Friday off. My brother and I will be going to get a new TV and storage/media unit.
My neighbor brush hogged between our properties and I can widen the horse pen by a few feet. The trench out front is collapsing, so need to buy dirt soon. 3 1/2 inches of rain has filled up the pool hole. Power went out on Saturday night (not a storm, just firecrackers everywhere).
I picked up Lady E and spent 10 minutes figuring out what I was doing. I now have 3 new tiers done and the Noro is great knitting up.
I have 25 lovely new bales of hay in the garage, and the baby copperhead I found while cleaning out the old hay in the slats of the pallets was released way down the road.
We grilled cornish game hen halves and baby back ribs yesterday, and Mel brought fresh raspberry buttermilk cake. All my kids and grandson were here. What a great day.

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