Monday, July 13, 2009

Water again.....

Seems the septic is full of water, which is not surprising. All the rain, and amount of people living here off and on for 7 years, seems to have required it to be pumped out. It doesn't smell or pool up outside, that I can see. The downstairs toilet bubbled and leaked and backed up, and so did the shower. We went on water rationing yesterday and Mom got some numbers from the nice people at her church. She'll be calling someone first thing this morning.
Russ is back in San Diego. We had breakfast at IHOP and went over to Best Buy. Got an out of the box deal on a 46" LG, a 640gig drive and WD converter. The HD is amazing and I love it as much as my new enV Touch phone. Did not get any yard or work of any kind done. I feel pretty crappy most of the time. The hot flashes aren't subsiding in any way, and it's just exhausting. The Monte broke down on TJ Friday morning, and K4 got a new water pump & serpentine in for about $210. Last month Doug's replaced a vacuum hose that split, for $80. Still has a switch problem for the A/C and the brakes are grabbing.
Getting broke again. Hope the last insurance check comes soon.
Oh, Miss Kitty moved in again.

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