Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another 3 day weekend coming up....July 9

Taking tomorrow off to do some shopping. Can get a converter and file space for 500gbs for less than $200. No dvds, no cds, no vhs to mess with. Makes perfect sense to me. But the TV & player and stand would be about $1200. Just scares me. Still need a truckload of dirt and a horse shelter up in the next month. It's ok. I'll never have to leave home cause everything I love will be right here!
Need to make doctor appts. The hot flashes are killing me. Tired and sick feeling most of the time. Some cramps. Not much sleep at all. Aches & pains and small headaches. Eye problems. Dentist too. You're really getting old now, girlfriend!
Russ goes back home early Sat morning. Mel & John are having a barbecue & badminton Sat evening. Busy weekend again......

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