Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another stormy night...

I worked from home yesterday - finally had to shut off zeus (new desktop replaced dell w/lightning fried motherboard), to get the vaio to let me log on to jd. lotus was fine. A1 brought 3 truckloads of dirt, and it still wasn't enough. The pool hole got 2 tvs & one old dell chucked in and smashed down, then load after load of rotten cinderblocks mixed with waste/mud that used to be the septic tank for this house. $4500 later, it seems the laterals are fine and the tank is working fine, and no leaking, despite almost 2 inches of rain last night. The power went out as I was watching Tin Man series, and as I fumbled to get a lantern lit, the battery backup surge protector was making a keening noise. Unplugged, it still made th same noise. Hit the power and reset button and it shut off.
As I waited for stuff to boot up, I finished closing the tops of my 2 hats, and wove in the ends. My styro head in a box arrived yesterday, about the same time as the insurance guy. Have hats to soak & block this weekend.
As we figured, insurance does not cover a septic tank, and they can't even think of a situation where one would be covered. However, he took measurements of the hall and my bedroom and the lower room for carpeting estimates. Avg carpet replacement, pad, install & getting it out, minus deductible & depreciation equals check. When the flooring is replaced, I need to fax the receipts and supposedly get the depreciation back up to the estimate. That check, and the other, will need to go to my bank card to help cover the plumbing payment that I charged. THAT scares the hell out of me. I can see the payment being around $400 a month just for that one card.
If I think about all of this, I'll just break down. So I'll think about it some other time, after all, tomorrow is another day.

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