Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't believe it....

The septic tank didn't need to be pumped out, really. Since it had collapsed and hadn't been working since before I bought this place. The previous owners seem to have invested alot of money in the laterals, but since the tank was crap, the laterals may have never worked? This is crazy. They quoted me $4500. for a new tank and all. If the laterals are messed up, that is a totally different deal. Meanwhile they thought a "big rain" was coming and headed out of here. Just capped off the line coming out of the house so it wouldn't back fill with rain. No rain came. No water for showers toilets sinks, etc. Lucky only that the kitchen is on a different tank. That had cost over $800 a year ago to fix. They are going to put some extra dirt and crap from the tank in the pool hole, to help fill that. Just killmenow. Calling the insurance co. today so they can tell me I'm not covered for a rotten tank. We are peeing in buckets and taking "whore's baths" at the kitchen sink.
Gryphon is still not home.

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