Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Yep, that's coal. It looks really bright in this usually dark livingroom, but that's because there's a crap load of snow outside. The drifts in front between the cars and the door are hip high. Same out back behind the garage. I took a picture in the morning, but I know they are even higher now. And we're supposed to get another inch today. The ponies have snow and icicles covering their backs and you can tell they don't spend much time inside their shed. I've added more prairie hay to the floor, and they're getting and extra flake of brome at each feeding. I keep forgetting to switch the fence back on, or turn the lights off, or something. Justin & Kay & the baby made it up here xmas evening, but they weren't expecting the amount of snow we have vs what they got in Lawrence. They took off in the dark to go back home, and took the "bad" boy back with them. Kenny didn't have the kind of xmas he expected. Nothing happens the way he envisions it. His mood is up & down like a frackin yo-yo. TJ got her WII, and is having a ball with it again. So much for expecting her to chew me out about it. I got some wonderful minty-herbal microwave warming slippers & a tube for my neck, and big Tshirts to reconstruct from Mom, that she picked up in San Diego. She also got me a butter bell. We ran out of butter. Going to push some snow around today, and Griff may get his blanket on, if he'll let me. Still have half of season 4 BSG to finish, and always, knitting.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OK, Monday

The whole entire day was made up of driving to Bonner Springs (twice) and 3 intervals of sitting in the waiting room. But it's done. Am worried about making my own adjustments, but can't keep driving up there. Had cramps and was sick feeling, several times. Did get to watch a few episodes of Battlestar, but have to watch season 3 on my desktop, as the vocals don't work on the tv. Just not as comfortable. Anyway, today we have an appt at a new school, and there may be drama and some people do not want this to work out. Just have to deal with it as it comes. Mommy comes home from San Diego today, if she can get out of Denver and the storms which are heading this way. Time to feed the hungry hippos out there in the cold.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 day countdown and 9 days off

I have 9 days off work, 3 days of it vacation days. Monday morning and afternoon, an appt. in Bonner, Tuesday morning, an appt. in Meriden. Christmas shopping, cleaning, and planning. Taking care of horses. Battlestar & knitting!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday, was not good.
Yesterday, I found out I didn't get my promotion.
Yesterday, I spent $280 on a leaky toilet and water heater.
Yesterday, I had to pick my son up, where no mother ever wants to go. And it won't be over for a long time.
Today, I have a 1.5 hour safety training that will suck out my soul.
Today, I just have to get through it somehow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annual Christmas party

At the Holidome this year. Bobbi went with me. I won a Dillon's gift card for $50, so it was well worth going. Had a comedian, and his interaction with employees, especially the plant manager, was pretty funny. Had a horrible glass of wine, and 3 Coors lites, so don't feel 100% today. Found a short in the fence this morning. Somebody ran into a Tpost, bending the gate eye over. And the bottom rope in the 2 strand gate was laying on the ground. Easy fix. Have a water tank to top off, and alot of poop to scoop. Some snow still needs to be shoveled off the front driveway and back of the garage, and the hill driveway. Doing laundry. Something's leaking water into my walk-in closet. The water issues never ever end.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My right shoulder blade hurts pretty bad. Shoveling snow and pushing cars isn't for me, evidently. The drifts behind the garage and the driveways behind & beside the house were deep. A foot to over 2 feet. I had to pick iceballs out of Griff's feet and the 4th time I offered him his blanket, he accepted it. Griff doesn't like to be pushed. The barn is placed in the perfect spot, behind the rec room, for that icy west/north wind. It's in the worst spot, on top of the septic laterals, for rain and mud. It's that whole good thing/bad thing again. It's zero out there right now, but no wind, for now. We ended up with about 5" of snow total, I think. Mom's car got unthawed enough that the doors will now open, and since it's in the front driveway, can slide right out onto the street this morning. So back to work today. Not that I didn't work the past 2 days.... IF shut down the plant yesterday and were supposed to go back up on 3rd shift, weather permitting. Iowa got hit really hard with snow & wind -blizzard really. Like little house on the prairie blizzard. High today of 20, bright sunshine. I'll take Griff's blanket off before I go to work. The inside of the barn feels pretty nice, with all the prairie hay in the bottom, cutting off the wind coming in from the gap at the bottom. Bad thing - long icicles hanging from the whole front side where they go in. Had to knock them down and freaked the ponies out. Must get guttering up there.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter storm

Woke up yesterday with 3" of snow on the ground. Then it snowed and sleeted off an on all day. I worked from home, and went out to feed early, around 4:30pm. Topped off the water tank by the barn. The front lot tank was full and didn't look like they'd been down there at all. They stayed near the barn, but both ponies were a little wet, with ice on their coats in spots. You could tell they'd been in and out of the barn. I was pretty smart putting a bale of prairie hay in there. They nibble on it, and it keeps it a little warmer in there. This morning, I don't know how much snow we got last night, but the wind is killer. Oh....the guy just said we picked up 5". I heard the wind hitting the west window all night. I wish I'd put Griff's blanket on last evening. I'm going to put it on him this morning, if he'll let me. I'll have to take a towel out there, just in case. Then try to go to work, I guess. Seems a waste of time driving, especially since it will be slow going. Have to see what it looks like out there. Don't know if the plow has been through. Temp shows 11. The downstairs bath is freezing. No insulation on that west wall, I bet. Kenny better still be up at his dad's. Mom's a lucky duck - she went to San Diego on Monday, for 2 weeks. Got out of here just in time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow coming...

The boys on a cold Saturday:

The sun was out enough to thaw the hose. Got both water tanks filled. This time I drained the hose and laid it out. Hoping Cheryl can top off the tanks right before the 2nd big storm hits around Tuesday. The wind chill was pretty bad. The hay guy delivered at 9am, so there are 27 bales of good brome hay in the garage. He brought 3 bales of prairie hay - I tore up 3/4s of a bale and put it in the barn as fluffy bedding. They won't really eat it, just nibble at it. I put the other quarter bale on the strawberries & grapes. Griff got his feet trimmed - was pretty pissy about it again. Next trim scheduled for Jan 23rd at 11:30am. I think. This afternoon, it's supposed to snow/rain which is always a good time. I have 3 loads of laundry to do, and some wool washing/blocking. The Christmas tree & decoration totes are in - should set them up this afternoon. Mom is packing for San Diego. She leaves Monday afternoon for 2 weeks. I'll be on vacation the week of Xmas, when she comes home.

I hate winter.