Thursday, December 10, 2009


My right shoulder blade hurts pretty bad. Shoveling snow and pushing cars isn't for me, evidently. The drifts behind the garage and the driveways behind & beside the house were deep. A foot to over 2 feet. I had to pick iceballs out of Griff's feet and the 4th time I offered him his blanket, he accepted it. Griff doesn't like to be pushed. The barn is placed in the perfect spot, behind the rec room, for that icy west/north wind. It's in the worst spot, on top of the septic laterals, for rain and mud. It's that whole good thing/bad thing again. It's zero out there right now, but no wind, for now. We ended up with about 5" of snow total, I think. Mom's car got unthawed enough that the doors will now open, and since it's in the front driveway, can slide right out onto the street this morning. So back to work today. Not that I didn't work the past 2 days.... IF shut down the plant yesterday and were supposed to go back up on 3rd shift, weather permitting. Iowa got hit really hard with snow & wind -blizzard really. Like little house on the prairie blizzard. High today of 20, bright sunshine. I'll take Griff's blanket off before I go to work. The inside of the barn feels pretty nice, with all the prairie hay in the bottom, cutting off the wind coming in from the gap at the bottom. Bad thing - long icicles hanging from the whole front side where they go in. Had to knock them down and freaked the ponies out. Must get guttering up there.

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