Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter storm

Woke up yesterday with 3" of snow on the ground. Then it snowed and sleeted off an on all day. I worked from home, and went out to feed early, around 4:30pm. Topped off the water tank by the barn. The front lot tank was full and didn't look like they'd been down there at all. They stayed near the barn, but both ponies were a little wet, with ice on their coats in spots. You could tell they'd been in and out of the barn. I was pretty smart putting a bale of prairie hay in there. They nibble on it, and it keeps it a little warmer in there. This morning, I don't know how much snow we got last night, but the wind is killer. Oh....the guy just said we picked up 5". I heard the wind hitting the west window all night. I wish I'd put Griff's blanket on last evening. I'm going to put it on him this morning, if he'll let me. I'll have to take a towel out there, just in case. Then try to go to work, I guess. Seems a waste of time driving, especially since it will be slow going. Have to see what it looks like out there. Don't know if the plow has been through. Temp shows 11. The downstairs bath is freezing. No insulation on that west wall, I bet. Kenny better still be up at his dad's. Mom's a lucky duck - she went to San Diego on Monday, for 2 weeks. Got out of here just in time.

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