Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annual Christmas party

At the Holidome this year. Bobbi went with me. I won a Dillon's gift card for $50, so it was well worth going. Had a comedian, and his interaction with employees, especially the plant manager, was pretty funny. Had a horrible glass of wine, and 3 Coors lites, so don't feel 100% today. Found a short in the fence this morning. Somebody ran into a Tpost, bending the gate eye over. And the bottom rope in the 2 strand gate was laying on the ground. Easy fix. Have a water tank to top off, and alot of poop to scoop. Some snow still needs to be shoveled off the front driveway and back of the garage, and the hill driveway. Doing laundry. Something's leaking water into my walk-in closet. The water issues never ever end.

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