Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Yep, that's coal. It looks really bright in this usually dark livingroom, but that's because there's a crap load of snow outside. The drifts in front between the cars and the door are hip high. Same out back behind the garage. I took a picture in the morning, but I know they are even higher now. And we're supposed to get another inch today. The ponies have snow and icicles covering their backs and you can tell they don't spend much time inside their shed. I've added more prairie hay to the floor, and they're getting and extra flake of brome at each feeding. I keep forgetting to switch the fence back on, or turn the lights off, or something. Justin & Kay & the baby made it up here xmas evening, but they weren't expecting the amount of snow we have vs what they got in Lawrence. They took off in the dark to go back home, and took the "bad" boy back with them. Kenny didn't have the kind of xmas he expected. Nothing happens the way he envisions it. His mood is up & down like a frackin yo-yo. TJ got her WII, and is having a ball with it again. So much for expecting her to chew me out about it. I got some wonderful minty-herbal microwave warming slippers & a tube for my neck, and big Tshirts to reconstruct from Mom, that she picked up in San Diego. She also got me a butter bell. We ran out of butter. Going to push some snow around today, and Griff may get his blanket on, if he'll let me. Still have half of season 4 BSG to finish, and always, knitting.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OK, Monday

The whole entire day was made up of driving to Bonner Springs (twice) and 3 intervals of sitting in the waiting room. But it's done. Am worried about making my own adjustments, but can't keep driving up there. Had cramps and was sick feeling, several times. Did get to watch a few episodes of Battlestar, but have to watch season 3 on my desktop, as the vocals don't work on the tv. Just not as comfortable. Anyway, today we have an appt at a new school, and there may be drama and some people do not want this to work out. Just have to deal with it as it comes. Mommy comes home from San Diego today, if she can get out of Denver and the storms which are heading this way. Time to feed the hungry hippos out there in the cold.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

5 day countdown and 9 days off

I have 9 days off work, 3 days of it vacation days. Monday morning and afternoon, an appt. in Bonner, Tuesday morning, an appt. in Meriden. Christmas shopping, cleaning, and planning. Taking care of horses. Battlestar & knitting!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yesterday, was not good.
Yesterday, I found out I didn't get my promotion.
Yesterday, I spent $280 on a leaky toilet and water heater.
Yesterday, I had to pick my son up, where no mother ever wants to go. And it won't be over for a long time.
Today, I have a 1.5 hour safety training that will suck out my soul.
Today, I just have to get through it somehow.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Annual Christmas party

At the Holidome this year. Bobbi went with me. I won a Dillon's gift card for $50, so it was well worth going. Had a comedian, and his interaction with employees, especially the plant manager, was pretty funny. Had a horrible glass of wine, and 3 Coors lites, so don't feel 100% today. Found a short in the fence this morning. Somebody ran into a Tpost, bending the gate eye over. And the bottom rope in the 2 strand gate was laying on the ground. Easy fix. Have a water tank to top off, and alot of poop to scoop. Some snow still needs to be shoveled off the front driveway and back of the garage, and the hill driveway. Doing laundry. Something's leaking water into my walk-in closet. The water issues never ever end.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My right shoulder blade hurts pretty bad. Shoveling snow and pushing cars isn't for me, evidently. The drifts behind the garage and the driveways behind & beside the house were deep. A foot to over 2 feet. I had to pick iceballs out of Griff's feet and the 4th time I offered him his blanket, he accepted it. Griff doesn't like to be pushed. The barn is placed in the perfect spot, behind the rec room, for that icy west/north wind. It's in the worst spot, on top of the septic laterals, for rain and mud. It's that whole good thing/bad thing again. It's zero out there right now, but no wind, for now. We ended up with about 5" of snow total, I think. Mom's car got unthawed enough that the doors will now open, and since it's in the front driveway, can slide right out onto the street this morning. So back to work today. Not that I didn't work the past 2 days.... IF shut down the plant yesterday and were supposed to go back up on 3rd shift, weather permitting. Iowa got hit really hard with snow & wind -blizzard really. Like little house on the prairie blizzard. High today of 20, bright sunshine. I'll take Griff's blanket off before I go to work. The inside of the barn feels pretty nice, with all the prairie hay in the bottom, cutting off the wind coming in from the gap at the bottom. Bad thing - long icicles hanging from the whole front side where they go in. Had to knock them down and freaked the ponies out. Must get guttering up there.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter storm

Woke up yesterday with 3" of snow on the ground. Then it snowed and sleeted off an on all day. I worked from home, and went out to feed early, around 4:30pm. Topped off the water tank by the barn. The front lot tank was full and didn't look like they'd been down there at all. They stayed near the barn, but both ponies were a little wet, with ice on their coats in spots. You could tell they'd been in and out of the barn. I was pretty smart putting a bale of prairie hay in there. They nibble on it, and it keeps it a little warmer in there. This morning, I don't know how much snow we got last night, but the wind is killer. Oh....the guy just said we picked up 5". I heard the wind hitting the west window all night. I wish I'd put Griff's blanket on last evening. I'm going to put it on him this morning, if he'll let me. I'll have to take a towel out there, just in case. Then try to go to work, I guess. Seems a waste of time driving, especially since it will be slow going. Have to see what it looks like out there. Don't know if the plow has been through. Temp shows 11. The downstairs bath is freezing. No insulation on that west wall, I bet. Kenny better still be up at his dad's. Mom's a lucky duck - she went to San Diego on Monday, for 2 weeks. Got out of here just in time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow coming...

The boys on a cold Saturday:

The sun was out enough to thaw the hose. Got both water tanks filled. This time I drained the hose and laid it out. Hoping Cheryl can top off the tanks right before the 2nd big storm hits around Tuesday. The wind chill was pretty bad. The hay guy delivered at 9am, so there are 27 bales of good brome hay in the garage. He brought 3 bales of prairie hay - I tore up 3/4s of a bale and put it in the barn as fluffy bedding. They won't really eat it, just nibble at it. I put the other quarter bale on the strawberries & grapes. Griff got his feet trimmed - was pretty pissy about it again. Next trim scheduled for Jan 23rd at 11:30am. I think. This afternoon, it's supposed to snow/rain which is always a good time. I have 3 loads of laundry to do, and some wool washing/blocking. The Christmas tree & decoration totes are in - should set them up this afternoon. Mom is packing for San Diego. She leaves Monday afternoon for 2 weeks. I'll be on vacation the week of Xmas, when she comes home.

I hate winter.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

This was the strangest Thanksgiving Day we've ever had. The girls were at their dad's, Kenny with his, and Mom in Chicago with her sister. Just my sister and I. We had a 14lb turkey (smallest ever), my bread stuffing, homemade yeast dinner rolls, pumpkin pies, etc. We used great-grandma's silver. As we sat across from each other, we did a milk toast, wishing each other a happy Thanksgiving, and looked at each other. 5 minutes later, TJ pulled into the garage, which made us feel better. We've been eating leftovers, including a turkey pot pie, for the last few days. I gave the monsters carrots and cut up apples in their feed, and Tucker was so excited, he pawed the ground while eating. Then he threw his feed pan down, and ate up all the apple pieces first. Little piglet.

Yesterday was Saturday. I got 2 tank heaters, 2 stock tank secrets (barley bags to keep the water clean for 2 months!), and installed them. Also got a sherpa lined green chore coat (on sale! paid $40 at TSC!) I used an electrical stake at the front lot, and like it so much, I'm going to get another for the barn lot. I called Dave for more hay, but had to leave a message and of course, I'm worried cause he hasn't called back yet.

Today, Kenny is to come home and scoop ALL the poop. Melissa's birthday dinner is at 3pm. Spaghetti & meatballs, bread, and a jello poke cake with koolaid frosting, in strawberry. Need to hit WalMart this morning. Brush the horses.

I'm trying to formulate a slow feeder, hay feeder, for the boys.

Hot flashes are back.

I'm thankful for everything!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not a bad day

I put this gate in yesterday. I took this after feeding, around 5:30pm. The camera picked up the stars and Griff's eyes and I thought it was kinda cool. Cleaned the stock tank and filled it, and Kenny scooped poop and wet hay. Gave Griff a good scraping and brushing to get the mud off. Tucker wasn't having any brushing but he didn't have caked mud on him. Chased him around and did get a few swipes in.

The upper picture is the barn view. It's still a muddy wet swamp up there, so the boys are locked up in the front lot. No rain forecast for a few days, and little wind for a change. If the weather turns nasty again, I'll have to let them up there, but I hate to. I wish the ground would freeze or something, but I don't have heaters in the stock tanks yet (till next weekend) so that may not be good right now.

Short week at work next week, and only Cheryl & me for Thanksgiving, but we're still going to do a small turkey dinner. I may take Wed. off - up to my discretion. I probably can, but we'll see.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think it's Thursday

Tuesday stayed home and did my job, and worked on the fence. All 4 strands are hot now, including the 2 stranded gate that Tuck may have used to make his escape. He may have just rolled over the bottom wire though, and found himself free. Got shocked a few times, and nipped a chunk out of a left-hand finger with the wire cutters. It quit raining yesterday so now we may be able to dry out till early next week. I'm feeding down in the front lot as it's less like a swamp. The horses were very spooky at last night's feeding. Griff was blowing and making his upset noise and wouldn't eat his feed for quite a while. It was spooky out there. This morning, I heard a dog outside the front bedroom window yip and yowl as he touched the bottom wire of the hot fence. GOOD. That's what it's there for. Nothing can get in bigger than a rabbit or maybe the cats, which Griff doesn't mind at all. I have to pick up feed really really soon. I may drive myself to work today (don't forget to fill the tank) and go get 2 or 3 bags of Strategy. Need to call Dave for hay delivery in 2 weeks. This weekend is heaters in the water tanks and a new hay feeder design. Need some straw too. Lots of cleanup too - as much as I can handle.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3am - runaway

Tucker got out at 3am. Griff was neighing and running from the barn to the front lot, so I knew something was wrong. Got half dressed and went out into the snow/drizzle, and Tucker was no where to be seen. Got some lights on and stumbled around the yard in the dark. Got a halter and after calling for awhile, Tuck comes up to the gate. Got him in, and threw them some hay, but Griff is driving Tuck away from all the hay piles. So. Will be doing my schedule from home today. Will be wiring up the part of the fence that I had left cold. The lots are flooded and muddy and I hope to god it quits raining soon.. Definitely need a good big flashlight.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's my birthday

Sunday my girls threw me a barbecue. The eldest and youngest daughters made peace, which was my wish. They cooked burgers & dogs on the grill, made a wonderful potato salad, and my sister made the Princess cake, and she agreed, it challenged her.
In the morning, Teej and I went to the Target and had over $300 of a good time. Great time. I found the only heels I could ever wear, but too small. I bought them, but they have them online in my size, so will be taking them back. Sweaters! Comfy cheap sweatpants! Black bag that hangs exactly right on my shoulder and doesn't slip down!
The girls gave me 3 gift cards - ebay, tj maxx and half-price books, all my favorites. Mom gave me a box full of stuff she's been gathering - those have been some of the best presents. A pair of work gloves that have bright yellow side so maybe I can spot them in the yard. Fingerless and won't have the hay stick. A picture of my weiner dog. An apron with pockets, plain cotton duck, for working outside and carrying cigs & cell.
Yesterday I got a plant from David & Kim, and a card (they love me!), and my boss let me go after the aft. update at 4:15. A storm came in, and I beat it home, got the monsters fed and the barn lot scooped as the lightening started. Played Majongg and Cheryl made oatmeat raisin cookies. Quite the wonderful birthday when I thought it would be just another day!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sweet November

My birthday is Monday. I already took my day off for it, so it won't really feel right. Lynn is gone away to SYR next week, and I have an hour & a half net training meeting for Logility with the master today. Had one Wed. with my boss and another scheduler in Ohio, but very casual. Still marking it down for training hours. I have been nominated, and had a flash of great "I got it!". The only other time I've had this is when I got home from interviewing with this company 21 years ago. Yes, it was 21 years on the 1st of this month. Melissa's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, my father's is the 21st (and my childhood friend in San Diego is the same day), and now my grand-nephew will be 1 year old on the 16th.
It's supposed to get up around 75 degrees today, and will be nice Sat & Sun. Time to finish the fence and the feeders and the tack room. Time to saddle Griff and mosey around the yard, and maybe venture across the road!
And I have a mouse in my room.

Monday, November 2, 2009

November 1st

Got quite a bit done was gorgeous...78 degrees. After messing up 3 times and breaking the pin, finally got a sliding lock on the barn door, and tightened the handle, so those cookie monsters won't be able to get in to the tack side. The wind had blown it open last week, and they dragged the drill, several grooming brushes and fence materials out into the lot. And they got the whole container of horse treats/cookies! The lid was outside the fence next to the water tank, and the container outside of the side fence. Mud all over and will have to be cleaned. They did not get their regular Strategy & seeds that evening. While I was working on the gate to the front lot, I saw Tucker rubbing his fanny on it so hard that it had popped open. I swear he's deaf, until he hears feed rattling in his pan. The halters & fly mask are hung up and the tack room is getting cleaned out. Griff got a trim, and his next appt. is Dec. 5th. I saw bot flies for the first time ever. Nasty things and had Griff crazy. Wormed both of them with Quest Gold. I'm off today and have a light to return to WalMart and going to install 2 more gates in the fence. Going to the casino for cigs and keno.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harriet Potter

All ready for work on Friday. I forgot to wear my orange bat "bite me" Tshirt.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Value stream mapping....

Yesterday, had a day-long training session at work, and all I could think about was how to apply these concepts to horse manure. Yes, the ponies are home. It is fantastic to be able to see and hug and talk to Griff, whenever I step outside. The time changes Saturday so it will be feed in the dark both morning & evening. I'll be working this weekend on making the hay feeders work the way I need them to, and getting the bottom fence wire hot. I need to add 1 or 2 more gates, and getting more lighting. I still won't be able to scoop poop after work, in the dark though.
Pictures this weekend....

I have 24 hours to write a recommendation for promotion, for myself, from the view of another plant. Just killmeagain please.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Par-Tay!

Celebrating T's 1 year anniversary of sobriety. The date is really Tuesday, but the family gathered for Mexican food - tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, & white cheese dip & chips. Jimmy & Jim came, as well as Justin, Kay & Christian, Mel & John & Sean, and all the rest of us. She got a beautiful serenity prayer mobeius silver circle necklace from John & Mel, a Gunslinger picture book from me, and a huge pumpkin from Jim & Jimmy, and lots of cards. Chocolate from Mom. Cheryl did all the cooking, including this banana 3 layer cake, with chocolate mousse frosting and dark chocolate trim.
I worked on the fence all afternoon and got almost all the wiring up. Today I will be doing the electricals and setting 3 posts for a hay feeder area. It could be that Griff comes home tomorrow afternoon!
After most everyone left, TJ, Bobbi, Kenny & I watched the Half-Blood Prince together, just like the old days. None of us had seen it, but 3 of us had read the books. TJ was furious that they changed or left out alot from the book, of course. But all in all, everyone of us agreed, it was a most perfect day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

4 day weekend!

My horse nanny & friend, Kim, came over yesterday afternoon, and helped me take the gate off the barn and set a post to move it to the side, instead. I need to get an L bracket to screw the post to the side of the barn for stability. She also moved the Tpost over to compensate for the smaller gate entry. This puts it off square, but I don't care. It's supposed to be around 65 degree today, and 70 tomorrow & Tuesday. Today will get the fence straightened out, and the gate hot, running the electric & the charger. That's the goal! Will also have to go to WalMart and get the groceries for TJ's anniversary family dinner between 3 - 5, but Cheryl will be doing all the baking & cooking, leaving me free to get the fence up. While Kenny & Justin are here, I think I'll have them dig 3 more post holes for a hay feeder by the barn, and cut & nail boards. And get everyone to carry the outdoor furniture in to the rec room/storage area.

Monday I have to tag the Mustang. If the fence is up, maybe Sherry can bring Griff home!

Tuesday, TJ & I have stuff to do in Lawrence, for her real anniversary date.

Then back to work on Wed.

Friday, October 9, 2009

End of the week

This week has been crazy. Helped a friend last weekend, and an idea I had this summer completes today. We'll see how much of it makes an impact. It did go much better than I ever could have hoped for. With the management change coming, some will never know what came from this, and how much comes from the change, but a few of us WILL know. And if our team gets better, feels better, that's all that matters.

It's been cold & rainy, and looks to continue this weekend. I am going to do everything I can to finish my horse plans on Saturday. Sunday will be for rearranging my room.

Off to start the day.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last day of September

Step-mum, Janie (Hazel), at the Bingo.

We all came home Thursday night and on varying days, got sick. Needless to say, I am not in Iowa this week. Very bad head colds that linger on and on. Had a low fever as well. All in the family got it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Home from KY

It was a really great trip. It rained from Kansas City, almost all the way there. Dad was alot better than I had expected. From what Cheryl said, when she & Russ were there a few months ago, he wasn't doing well at all. I got the Moon Pies (choc & vanilla). We played Bingo with Gwen & Hazel. I knitted a hat for Dad, and hand warmers for Hazel. She gave us what's left of great-grandmother's china, and her set of silver. She also gave us Grandma's tea set, in a crackled jade green, with gold leaf accents, including a gold horse in the bottom of each cup. Haven't done much today, just laundry.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mustang anyone?

I don't know how these things keep happening....... I bought a 2005 baby blue Mustang. Only, it's not mine, it's Timbers'. But I'm the buyer and she's the co-buyer. It's a 5 speed and has leather seats and "grumbles", which is true, as TJ says, is "awesome". Definitely a girl's car. Very pretty. I'll post a picture soon. We picked it up on Friday evening, then switched my car for Bobbi's Explorer and came home. Timber has a birthday tomorrow, and we'll be on our way to Dad's in Marrowbone, KY by 3am at the latest (that's the plan). Cheryl will bake a cake and we'll make tacos when we get there. We are going to me exhusband's house this morning and I'm going to pick up his electric fencer, and hopefully not stay long. We have to pack up, clean out Bobbi's truck, and get ready to go tonight.
I dropped Mom off at First Med cause her ankle has gotten worse. Went to D&D and arranged for 4 better tires & an alignment on the Explorer. Walked to Mass St., got my bearings and found Yarn Barn. Bought a skein of navy Cascade 220, and a Noro sub, self striping, and the kind lady wound them up for me. While I was waiting (they have an awesome swift), Mel called and she was right there on Mass. Parked and came in. We walked down a ways, went into a few antique shops, and the barber shop. Bought shampoo & conditioner by Redkin in Blonde Glam (for me) for $10 a bottle. D&D Tire called and reported they were putting the tires on and did I want the white letters in or out? I said, we're girls and we don't care, do whatever you thing looks best and how much longer? He said after the tires, then an hour for the 4 wheel alignment. So Mel and I went back to First Med and got Mom, who is in an ankle brace, and they want to sue the hotel where she hurt her ankle, cause she was looking at the food and not the stairs. They saw a "spot" on the Xray at her ankle bone, but don't know exactly what it is, so she has to have another xray in 2 weeks, and use a walker (which we have to pick up in Perry today, borrowing from Machell's mom) and stay off it. She will have the 2 dogs to take care of while we're gone. Note: need to talk to Kenny and write him a lunch check today. Starving to death, we went around the corner to El Mezcal's and had chicken chimis, and tostaguac, and huevos rancheros, respectedly. Went to Michaels to get Mom more yarn, and then the truck was done. $256 later, we went home and I had a horrible nap. Cold and woke up achey. Cast on for Dad's hat (Turn a square) did one row straight after joining in the round, and should have ribbed. Started ribbing and then TJ, Cheryl & I took off in the Mustang. I drove and not badly, to WalMart, got Mom's prescription, and coffee & stuff, and then went to the casino. Cheryl drove, and killed it multiple times. 5speed manual is harder than 18 truck gears, and that is the factual truth, my friends.....
So, here we are, Sat morning, at 7:43am, and no one is up but me, writing this. I have a skein of African Violet Malabrigo sock yarn, tracked in KC this morning, so won't get here till Monday, when I'm gone. That will be another Ishbel for me. Hopefully. If I can figure out the lace on this midnight blue Lavold silky wool one I'm almost to the lace part on.
Help me, I'm an idiot.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too much.

You know, I bring this shit on myself. I asked for an extra day of vacation (tomorrow) cause I have so much to do. So now I have to take Bobbi's truck in to get front tires put on "and figure out if something's messed up underneath somewhere). I have to do IF's schedule today, and mine, cause Teresa is taking supervisor's class in Des Moines. I trained this supervisor and now I'm her backup. I'm very very proud of her (except her dates suck but I understand why she does it), and I am not a supervisor. Some hate it when I say I am just a scheduler, but the truth hurts, huh, boss? I know what I am, and I can't say I'm not recognized for it, but that's the way my special life goes. I bring too much on myself, and stress out, and sometimes have a black day. Some days I'm so high, I know I shine like the sun. The in-between days are lost in the fog. There's a medical term for this condition, but of course, it's on the tip of my tongue and I can't find the word. I know what I mean though. We leave for Kentucky on Sunday morning, and that trip will be a roller coaster of highs & lows. Dad's Parkinson's is such a contrast to the free moving, physical person I remember him to be. Then we get back and I leave for Iowa on the following Monday. Ran out of elec. rope for the fence, and the charger's f'ed up. Tucker gets his manliness removed on Friday, just for me. That bothers me a bit. Anyway, off to a day of highs & lows, and I hope it's bright as a comet streaking through a black night!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finishing the fence

The plan is to finish the fence and feeder today. We leave for Kentucky a week from today, and then I'm in Iowa for another week, so I'll try to bring Griff home on the 3rd of Oct. This month sure is flying by. Bought a power saw yesterday, so that will be scary. Maybe I can work on my room this afternoon. Need to move bookcases around, hang up my laundry. Michaels is still having a sale on artist (Timbers) and yarn (Mom needs another skein of baby pink to finish that baby blanket and might as well get another of Peony for booties and/or hat to match). Caron is not on sale, but should get one or two more skeins for that circular throw she started last night. Need to take pictures today and we'll see if I can start posting them here.

Bought some Irish oatmeal so I'll go cook some up right now.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short week, ok?

The mammogram & sonogram seemed to go fine. The on the spot diagnosis was cysts. Results will be sent to the first doctor she saw in a few days. She doesn't know where they go from there. I think she feels a little better, but like me, doesn't trust it fully until 100% confirmed.

I cast on Ishbel, a little shawlette pattern all over the blogs, in indigo silky wool. The stockinette increases are easy, easy, but there is much more lace involved not too far down. I should put it aside for now, and kick out some hand warmers for the step-mom and start a hat for Dad, since we'll be going there in less than 2 weeks. I should look for a hand held texas poker game for TJ for her birthday, since we'll be taking Bob's SUV on the 10 hour road trip. I did pay for the tickets to the Blink concert for her & her sister, which they loved, but she deserves a little something more.

Alot going on at work, which is good, alot of stress, which is bad. Called a meeting today at 11:30, but the big boss can't come, so wants a summary sent out afterward. Must remember to take notes.

I want to plan on going to TSC after work to get the rest of the fence stuff. Hope I can push through the after work tiredness.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day of 9's

My sister goes in for a diagnostic mammogram today. She has a lump on both sides. Goddess grant they are nothing but benign. Kenny has 3 Fs in school and outright lied to me. Was hurting too bad to go to school, but decided to go to work. Bad decisions in all. Rained yesterday, raining this morning. Need to decide things myself. Need to finish things. Need to start things. Goddess grant me wisdom and help me with all things. Thank you for your many blessings.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day weekend

My sister's birthday was Friday, so we went to her favorite place - the casino. Had a good time. Didn't do well on keno, so I went to the slots. Did alright there. Nothing spectacular but had money in my wallet when we left. Had the breakfast buffet with a coupon, so it cost me about $7.

Washed out the feed bins & new feed pan, put together the auto waterer and washed it, and my blue bucket. Didn't find the red one. Nailed a board onto the 2X4s inside the run in shed, to hold the feed pan. Haven't hammered a nail into anything that thick before. It took some effort. Did some mowing. Will be going to TSC today to fill my list. My nephew & son will need to set Tposts, do some digging, and nail some more boards for me today. Going to have to really push to get the fence wired up, and the battery charged so I can get Griff home!

Birthday dinner planned tonight, too.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Great weekend!

The weather was cool & dry. In fact, chilly enough yesterday that TJ bundled up with a wool hat and armwarmers, sweatshirt and a throw, reading Farmer Boy. We laughed, but she was really cold.
Sold the Grand Am, so there's something I don't have to worry about any more. Gave me $600 extra cash too! To celebrate, the 4 of us went to Golden Corral and everything tasted fantastic. I was starving to death.....Mom and I got yarn at Michaels, and TJ got 2 canvases, watercolor paper, and sticks. Baby yarn - 2 skeins of an apple green for a hat/booty/sweater set, peony print & solid pink for a patchwork granny square blanket, and 4 skeins of homespun to knit together on size 50 needles. Supposed to be a baby blanket, but the stitches are so huge, you'd have to line it with a receiving blanket so the baby's hands didn't get tangled. I think it will end up a throw for TJ. Got 2 more skeins of vanna's choice taupe for Cheryl's scarf.
I ordered $100 of horse stuff too. Marked off the spots for Tpost setting so when the slammer gets here, we can get on it and get the fence up. Can't find the battery charger for the fence battery, so that has to go on my TSC shopping list. Which is getting large. Next weekend is the goal.
I have a 9am meeting to lead in the boardroom, so typed up a directional flow to go over with reps from each dept. Steve made me project leader. Interco is something I've done for so long, and I've always led the direction, but it's stressed me out because of the corporate eye this time. Just need to get through this week. How many times have I said that?

I also got a new camera! It's a Canon (no Kodak ever again) Power Shot, A1100 with 12.1 mega pixels. Then I can figure out how to post pictures here and have a true journal.

All in all, a very happy weekend.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gryphon has his cave!

The new run-in shed showed up after 4pm yesterday, and I couldn't get home fast enough to watch it be set up. The Darling family showed up for dinner, a little later. My sister had made food all day, but we ended up barbecuing ribs/chicken/hamburgers, mom's potato salad, a pasta broccoli salad, and a fruit salad Cheryl had added cream cheese instant pudding to the cool whip - yummy. I stole the baby blanket mom had made, printed off an adorable card, and now have a shower gift for a young lady at work today. They're providing lunch so that's cool too.

This weekend it's laundry & bill paying, grocery shopping, cleaning my room, and planning & shopping for my feed room, and the fencing & gates. How fun!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The barn!

The barn is coming on Thursday - if it doesn't rain. Supposed to tomorrow, but not on Thurs, I think. Tonight, going up to Kim's after work. Not staying long as my stomache is hurting again, and feeling really tired again. It feels hot already, after the cool days & nights we've been having. I was missed at work last week. Got a hug from Bear, even. Next week, lots of people are on vacation, and Friday I'll be covering 4 schedules and interco. No rest for the wicked, heh heh. I wish. Got to go load up the car...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last day of vacation

Well, it's been a pretty relaxing week. Didn't get a whole lot accomplished. Hurt myself working outside yesterday, but the entire acre is mowed. Sawed down some branches. Dug 2 wheelbarrow loads worth of dirt and dumped it on the sinking water line area in front of the house. Knit a pair of elbow length armwarmers out of cream colored alpaca blend yarn and they seem pretty itchy. Soaked them quite a while, but may need to do it again with hair conditioner added.

Today I am supposed to: drop off a $500 check for the deposit on my livestock shed. Drive to Justin's & pickup a recovery disk. Drive to Kim's and drop off computer disks and go for a ride. I really want to just mess around the house. would like a haircut and dye job, too.

TJ rearranged the living room so I could have my chair out there and it looks great. Much more comfy.

Once the shed is in, just need to wire the fence and Griff comes home for good. I can't wait.

Will have to go to the bank this week and close the savings, deposit in checking, to be able to pay the balance of the shed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Halfway done

There have been thunderstorms almost every day since my vacation started. Haven't really accomplished anything except laying around. Today I plan on moving my butt around. Found a scrawny little kitteh cat outside, Roach was beating him up. He had an old tight flea collar on. We brought him in and put him in the laundry room with lots of food & water. Put a few drop of flea medicine on him. Need to take him to the humane society in Topeka. He's a little purr machine, and so affectionate & friendly, someone has to want him. We have enough animals here. Mom was less than thrilled. Watched most of both seasons of Rome this week, and got some knitting done on a pair of cream colored alpaca arm warmers.
I bought a pair of navy roper boots off ebay, yarn of course, cigarette case & sigg bottle cap to replace the one I lost at work somewhere. Got the last insurance check. Mel & Sean may come by for dinner tonight.
Also going to check out a shed on 24 that looks like it was kindof made for a horse. I don't have a clue what price might be, or how much to get it home, but it would solve the problem. Money usually does. Figure it might be dry enough to mow on Saturday. Need to wire the fence, plan a feed area, water area, and screw some boards to the tie posts. Need to charge the batteries too.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday on my summer vacation

Stormed last night. Mom, Cheryl, TJ & I went to Coyote Canyon for a pretty cheap buffet last evening. I felt pretty anxious and uncomfortable, and I don't know why. It was my idea to go out to eat and all. Spent the day downloading crochet & knit patterns from Lion Brand website, who put everything up for free. Then added movies & shows to the portable drive. Finished Deathly Hallows Friday night. Supposed to go to Kim's this afternoon. We got about a half inch of rain last night so everything's wet. Still having a period. Feel hateful.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 more....

days till my summer vacation. School starts for real next week. Kenny's in FL on his last day....Universal Studio seems to be the biggest hit for them. They've gone back every day I think. It's been hot and sunny all week...just watch, storms coming in this weekend and it looks like at least 5 days out of my 9 will be wet, so the other 4 will be muddy.

Confirmed to go to IF on the 28th of Sept for a week. That will be the week after our vacation to go to Kentucky. Then Machell and I came up with a horse camping weekend and the boss agreed! That's the 8th & 9th of Oct. I also have the 19th & 20th of Oct. So I'll be rolling over 3 days instead of 5?

Have some inside projects to do, as well as outside, next week....but the main goal is to bring Griff home the weekend after this, if not during the week!

Started spotting yesterday, and it's turned into a light (for me at least) period. See how it goes today. Have been really really tired after work. Started taking the herbals twice a day again.

Am half way through the Deathly Hallows book. And half through Best Eaten Cold. Finished my yellow Merit hat and it's just ok. I still love the cables & eyelet hat and Felicity the best. I'm thinking of doing cables & eyelet in Marine blue Malabrigo. Hand/arm warmers & mittens should be first on the list.

Two more days....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Interesting times

Hot weekend. Did some mowing, and some rock work. Putting pea gravel around the limestones, and river rock on top of that, under the outside table & chairs. Need 2 more bags of gravel. Kenny is in Florida, going crazy at all the parks. Keeps calling me to share, even sent a video clip from his phone. TJ spent the day at her dad's and got sun burned. So lazy at work now. I get an hour for lunch and have finished the Half Blood prince, and will be starting the final book this week. Have 2 rows left to finish my yellow Merit hat. 5 days and I get 9 days off! Can't wait. Have so much I want to do. Mom sold her keyboard through craig's list. I got a call about the grand am. The guy offered a trade and we talked about a run in shed for Griff. I think bartering is fantastic. What I need, what you need. He lives a couple of hours away though. I hope it works out. Tim is sending a truckload of dirt over from a job site nearby and we can finish filling the pool and hopefully have dirt left to fill some holes. Now for a bath...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's August already

It was really cool, almost like fall, but the 100 degree heat has rolled back in. Thunderstorms every 3 or so days. Still haven't seen Griff. Still haven't finished putting up the fence or shelter. Last week I was so busy covering another plant, that almost couldn't breathe. This week it's back to normal, which feels so slow. Taking a lunch hour is unheard of for several years now, but just doing my own job is what is normal for most people.
We had dinner with Mel & John on Monday, and it was nice. Bobbi hurt her foot/toes slamming them into a line of shopping carts at Walgreens. I fell down in WalMart, sliding on a can of coffee I had dropped. Played Keno on Sat. morning and got 4 out of 4 with a kicker TWICE and playing a quarter, the pot was $80 each time! Hooked, I tell you.
Yesterday I called in sick. About 1:30 in the morning I woke with stomach pains which went on most of the day. Gave me headaches too. Slept several times, but got my schedule done and answered emails and booked loads into Iowa anyway. Still sore this morning. Got to drink lots of water and eat more fiber.
We plan on going to the farmer's market in Lawrence Saturday morning, mom & I & Mel. TJ plans on going to an AA meeting down the street while we're there. Mom wants to hit the tomato tasting.
I cast on for a new hat this weekend: the pattern is Merit, in Cascade 220, a light yellow colorway. Pretty cute. Had trouble with the pattern while trying to watch the new Terminator movie. Was going to rip back but it's really not noticeable to anyone but me. Haven't worked on Lady E for a week or so though. Probably about halfway now.
Better get dressed and pack my lunch now.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's summer alright

The post I did yesterday evidently didn't take. Borrowed Bobbi's truck Sat. and got that trailer full of trash to the dump, minimum charge of $25.00. Then loaded up the pool parts and recycled them for $19.95. The trailer's parked in the garage now, so we can start loading up as we clean out the north side. The south side is clean and full of hay.
Got to knit outside in the shade for awhile yesterday. It's been really nice, if you're not working hard. I'm going to put in for a week off in August.
This week will be a long one. I am scheduling IF plant while Teresa's on vacation. The hot flashes have subsided to a couple at night and a few during the day. Those herbal pills really work, they just take forever.
I have to fax in the receipts to the insurance guy today. Enroll Kenny Thursday night after work, I think.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another stormy night...

I worked from home yesterday - finally had to shut off zeus (new desktop replaced dell w/lightning fried motherboard), to get the vaio to let me log on to jd. lotus was fine. A1 brought 3 truckloads of dirt, and it still wasn't enough. The pool hole got 2 tvs & one old dell chucked in and smashed down, then load after load of rotten cinderblocks mixed with waste/mud that used to be the septic tank for this house. $4500 later, it seems the laterals are fine and the tank is working fine, and no leaking, despite almost 2 inches of rain last night. The power went out as I was watching Tin Man series, and as I fumbled to get a lantern lit, the battery backup surge protector was making a keening noise. Unplugged, it still made th same noise. Hit the power and reset button and it shut off.
As I waited for stuff to boot up, I finished closing the tops of my 2 hats, and wove in the ends. My styro head in a box arrived yesterday, about the same time as the insurance guy. Have hats to soak & block this weekend.
As we figured, insurance does not cover a septic tank, and they can't even think of a situation where one would be covered. However, he took measurements of the hall and my bedroom and the lower room for carpeting estimates. Avg carpet replacement, pad, install & getting it out, minus deductible & depreciation equals check. When the flooring is replaced, I need to fax the receipts and supposedly get the depreciation back up to the estimate. That check, and the other, will need to go to my bank card to help cover the plumbing payment that I charged. THAT scares the hell out of me. I can see the payment being around $400 a month just for that one card.
If I think about all of this, I'll just break down. So I'll think about it some other time, after all, tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, sunday....

The air is very cool, and with the windows open (It's freakin July in Kansas!), I woke up to the pale light of dawn, birds singing outside, and a hot flash. We have had water since Friday evening. We do have a brand new plastic septic tank laying in a big old hole, with a backhoe/dozer looming over it. They have to bring more gravel & dirt on Monday to finish it. My US Bank credit card is laying there in the kitchen to pay for it. I can't take Mom's or TJ's money. The interest rate is going to kill me. I did call the ins. company and will hear from them this next week. If this is covered, I would be the happiest person in the entire world. My face is breaking out, which it hasn't done in forever.
TJ and I mowed and weedeated yesterday, and moved some aluminum around. There's still mowing to be done, but I see Kenny's truck here, so guess what he gets to do today. I have some plans to saw some branches down.
I loaded a bunch of movies on to the media drive last evening, until I couldn't sit in front of the laptop anymore. We watched 300 in hd and were struck again about how much better it looked. I'll have to replace some movies in the new format, and I get them.
Did another row on Lady E. I might be halfway. Still need to finish my black malabrigo hat, and Bobbi's khaki lamb's pride hat, and get them off the needles. Have a grey shrug, a khaki armwarmer, and a black cowl in progress.
Would love to see Griff today, but TJ will be using my car to go to her dad's. Would love a haircut and pedicure, but can't afford it. Hoping I have enough left to pay the propane and verizon bill. And insurance on 3 cars. Just opened the bill and it's $109. Propane is $190, and Verizon $251. And 3 months of trash is $48. I don't think I have enough. I hope the second check for the lightning damage comes soon.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I don't believe it....

The septic tank didn't need to be pumped out, really. Since it had collapsed and hadn't been working since before I bought this place. The previous owners seem to have invested alot of money in the laterals, but since the tank was crap, the laterals may have never worked? This is crazy. They quoted me $4500. for a new tank and all. If the laterals are messed up, that is a totally different deal. Meanwhile they thought a "big rain" was coming and headed out of here. Just capped off the line coming out of the house so it wouldn't back fill with rain. No rain came. No water for showers toilets sinks, etc. Lucky only that the kitchen is on a different tank. That had cost over $800 a year ago to fix. They are going to put some extra dirt and crap from the tank in the pool hole, to help fill that. Just killmenow. Calling the insurance co. today so they can tell me I'm not covered for a rotten tank. We are peeing in buckets and taking "whore's baths" at the kitchen sink.
Gryphon is still not home.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Water again.....

Seems the septic is full of water, which is not surprising. All the rain, and amount of people living here off and on for 7 years, seems to have required it to be pumped out. It doesn't smell or pool up outside, that I can see. The downstairs toilet bubbled and leaked and backed up, and so did the shower. We went on water rationing yesterday and Mom got some numbers from the nice people at her church. She'll be calling someone first thing this morning.
Russ is back in San Diego. We had breakfast at IHOP and went over to Best Buy. Got an out of the box deal on a 46" LG, a 640gig drive and WD converter. The HD is amazing and I love it as much as my new enV Touch phone. Did not get any yard or work of any kind done. I feel pretty crappy most of the time. The hot flashes aren't subsiding in any way, and it's just exhausting. The Monte broke down on TJ Friday morning, and K4 got a new water pump & serpentine in for about $210. Last month Doug's replaced a vacuum hose that split, for $80. Still has a switch problem for the A/C and the brakes are grabbing.
Getting broke again. Hope the last insurance check comes soon.
Oh, Miss Kitty moved in again.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another 3 day weekend coming up....July 9

Taking tomorrow off to do some shopping. Can get a converter and file space for 500gbs for less than $200. No dvds, no cds, no vhs to mess with. Makes perfect sense to me. But the TV & player and stand would be about $1200. Just scares me. Still need a truckload of dirt and a horse shelter up in the next month. It's ok. I'll never have to leave home cause everything I love will be right here!
Need to make doctor appts. The hot flashes are killing me. Tired and sick feeling most of the time. Some cramps. Not much sleep at all. Aches & pains and small headaches. Eye problems. Dentist too. You're really getting old now, girlfriend!
Russ goes back home early Sat morning. Mel & John are having a barbecue & badminton Sat evening. Busy weekend again......

Monday, July 6, 2009

This long weekend over - June 6

After 5 lovely days off, it's back to work, my pretties.....I will be putting in to take Friday off. My brother and I will be going to get a new TV and storage/media unit.
My neighbor brush hogged between our properties and I can widen the horse pen by a few feet. The trench out front is collapsing, so need to buy dirt soon. 3 1/2 inches of rain has filled up the pool hole. Power went out on Saturday night (not a storm, just firecrackers everywhere).
I picked up Lady E and spent 10 minutes figuring out what I was doing. I now have 3 new tiers done and the Noro is great knitting up.
I have 25 lovely new bales of hay in the garage, and the baby copperhead I found while cleaning out the old hay in the slats of the pallets was released way down the road.
We grilled cornish game hen halves and baby back ribs yesterday, and Mel brought fresh raspberry buttermilk cake. All my kids and grandson were here. What a great day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Starting over

I had a blog over on Yahoo, and since they've changed everything, I've decided to start over on Blogger. I hate to lose the go-live posts, and the important events posts, but since lightening struck one of the huge trees in front of my house, and fried my 5 year old Dell desktop, I'm starting over in alot of ways.

Insurance paid for a new water line into the house, and a new central air conditioner, $500 for the tree, and the cost of a new WII. I still have to turn in 3 TVs, a dvd player, a radio, and router. The cable company replaced the cable line and modem without cost. Act of god, you see. The water company replaced the meter, for the same reason. The yard has been leveled as of yesterday. It had been too muddy/wet to finish the job, up until yesterday. The insurance adjuster is very cool and easy to deal with, unlike my previous insurance who insisted I wasn't covered on any of the water issues.

We call it my water curse around here, and I've decided I need a water tattoo on me, so water will stop trying to come to me.....since the tree had obviously been hit before, I might want to add a lightning strike to this tattoo. I have a large one on my lower back, it says Gryphon with wings on either side, and that hurt pretty bad, so going through that again would take some determination.

Anyway, I'm on day 2 of a 5 day long weekend, and have a huge list of things to accomplish, and starting a new journal was an easy one. And needs to be a short one.