Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

This was the strangest Thanksgiving Day we've ever had. The girls were at their dad's, Kenny with his, and Mom in Chicago with her sister. Just my sister and I. We had a 14lb turkey (smallest ever), my bread stuffing, homemade yeast dinner rolls, pumpkin pies, etc. We used great-grandma's silver. As we sat across from each other, we did a milk toast, wishing each other a happy Thanksgiving, and looked at each other. 5 minutes later, TJ pulled into the garage, which made us feel better. We've been eating leftovers, including a turkey pot pie, for the last few days. I gave the monsters carrots and cut up apples in their feed, and Tucker was so excited, he pawed the ground while eating. Then he threw his feed pan down, and ate up all the apple pieces first. Little piglet.

Yesterday was Saturday. I got 2 tank heaters, 2 stock tank secrets (barley bags to keep the water clean for 2 months!), and installed them. Also got a sherpa lined green chore coat (on sale! paid $40 at TSC!) I used an electrical stake at the front lot, and like it so much, I'm going to get another for the barn lot. I called Dave for more hay, but had to leave a message and of course, I'm worried cause he hasn't called back yet.

Today, Kenny is to come home and scoop ALL the poop. Melissa's birthday dinner is at 3pm. Spaghetti & meatballs, bread, and a jello poke cake with koolaid frosting, in strawberry. Need to hit WalMart this morning. Brush the horses.

I'm trying to formulate a slow feeder, hay feeder, for the boys.

Hot flashes are back.

I'm thankful for everything!

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