Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think it's Thursday

Tuesday stayed home and did my job, and worked on the fence. All 4 strands are hot now, including the 2 stranded gate that Tuck may have used to make his escape. He may have just rolled over the bottom wire though, and found himself free. Got shocked a few times, and nipped a chunk out of a left-hand finger with the wire cutters. It quit raining yesterday so now we may be able to dry out till early next week. I'm feeding down in the front lot as it's less like a swamp. The horses were very spooky at last night's feeding. Griff was blowing and making his upset noise and wouldn't eat his feed for quite a while. It was spooky out there. This morning, I heard a dog outside the front bedroom window yip and yowl as he touched the bottom wire of the hot fence. GOOD. That's what it's there for. Nothing can get in bigger than a rabbit or maybe the cats, which Griff doesn't mind at all. I have to pick up feed really really soon. I may drive myself to work today (don't forget to fill the tank) and go get 2 or 3 bags of Strategy. Need to call Dave for hay delivery in 2 weeks. This weekend is heaters in the water tanks and a new hay feeder design. Need some straw too. Lots of cleanup too - as much as I can handle.

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