Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not a bad day

I put this gate in yesterday. I took this after feeding, around 5:30pm. The camera picked up the stars and Griff's eyes and I thought it was kinda cool. Cleaned the stock tank and filled it, and Kenny scooped poop and wet hay. Gave Griff a good scraping and brushing to get the mud off. Tucker wasn't having any brushing but he didn't have caked mud on him. Chased him around and did get a few swipes in.

The upper picture is the barn view. It's still a muddy wet swamp up there, so the boys are locked up in the front lot. No rain forecast for a few days, and little wind for a change. If the weather turns nasty again, I'll have to let them up there, but I hate to. I wish the ground would freeze or something, but I don't have heaters in the stock tanks yet (till next weekend) so that may not be good right now.

Short week at work next week, and only Cheryl & me for Thanksgiving, but we're still going to do a small turkey dinner. I may take Wed. off - up to my discretion. I probably can, but we'll see.

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