Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's my birthday

Sunday my girls threw me a barbecue. The eldest and youngest daughters made peace, which was my wish. They cooked burgers & dogs on the grill, made a wonderful potato salad, and my sister made the Princess cake, and she agreed, it challenged her.
In the morning, Teej and I went to the Target and had over $300 of a good time. Great time. I found the only heels I could ever wear, but too small. I bought them, but they have them online in my size, so will be taking them back. Sweaters! Comfy cheap sweatpants! Black bag that hangs exactly right on my shoulder and doesn't slip down!
The girls gave me 3 gift cards - ebay, tj maxx and half-price books, all my favorites. Mom gave me a box full of stuff she's been gathering - those have been some of the best presents. A pair of work gloves that have bright yellow side so maybe I can spot them in the yard. Fingerless and won't have the hay stick. A picture of my weiner dog. An apron with pockets, plain cotton duck, for working outside and carrying cigs & cell.
Yesterday I got a plant from David & Kim, and a card (they love me!), and my boss let me go after the aft. update at 4:15. A storm came in, and I beat it home, got the monsters fed and the barn lot scooped as the lightening started. Played Majongg and Cheryl made oatmeat raisin cookies. Quite the wonderful birthday when I thought it would be just another day!

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