Monday, August 10, 2009

Interesting times

Hot weekend. Did some mowing, and some rock work. Putting pea gravel around the limestones, and river rock on top of that, under the outside table & chairs. Need 2 more bags of gravel. Kenny is in Florida, going crazy at all the parks. Keeps calling me to share, even sent a video clip from his phone. TJ spent the day at her dad's and got sun burned. So lazy at work now. I get an hour for lunch and have finished the Half Blood prince, and will be starting the final book this week. Have 2 rows left to finish my yellow Merit hat. 5 days and I get 9 days off! Can't wait. Have so much I want to do. Mom sold her keyboard through craig's list. I got a call about the grand am. The guy offered a trade and we talked about a run in shed for Griff. I think bartering is fantastic. What I need, what you need. He lives a couple of hours away though. I hope it works out. Tim is sending a truckload of dirt over from a job site nearby and we can finish filling the pool and hopefully have dirt left to fill some holes. Now for a bath...

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