Friday, August 28, 2009

Gryphon has his cave!

The new run-in shed showed up after 4pm yesterday, and I couldn't get home fast enough to watch it be set up. The Darling family showed up for dinner, a little later. My sister had made food all day, but we ended up barbecuing ribs/chicken/hamburgers, mom's potato salad, a pasta broccoli salad, and a fruit salad Cheryl had added cream cheese instant pudding to the cool whip - yummy. I stole the baby blanket mom had made, printed off an adorable card, and now have a shower gift for a young lady at work today. They're providing lunch so that's cool too.

This weekend it's laundry & bill paying, grocery shopping, cleaning my room, and planning & shopping for my feed room, and the fencing & gates. How fun!

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