Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's August already

It was really cool, almost like fall, but the 100 degree heat has rolled back in. Thunderstorms every 3 or so days. Still haven't seen Griff. Still haven't finished putting up the fence or shelter. Last week I was so busy covering another plant, that almost couldn't breathe. This week it's back to normal, which feels so slow. Taking a lunch hour is unheard of for several years now, but just doing my own job is what is normal for most people.
We had dinner with Mel & John on Monday, and it was nice. Bobbi hurt her foot/toes slamming them into a line of shopping carts at Walgreens. I fell down in WalMart, sliding on a can of coffee I had dropped. Played Keno on Sat. morning and got 4 out of 4 with a kicker TWICE and playing a quarter, the pot was $80 each time! Hooked, I tell you.
Yesterday I called in sick. About 1:30 in the morning I woke with stomach pains which went on most of the day. Gave me headaches too. Slept several times, but got my schedule done and answered emails and booked loads into Iowa anyway. Still sore this morning. Got to drink lots of water and eat more fiber.
We plan on going to the farmer's market in Lawrence Saturday morning, mom & I & Mel. TJ plans on going to an AA meeting down the street while we're there. Mom wants to hit the tomato tasting.
I cast on for a new hat this weekend: the pattern is Merit, in Cascade 220, a light yellow colorway. Pretty cute. Had trouble with the pattern while trying to watch the new Terminator movie. Was going to rip back but it's really not noticeable to anyone but me. Haven't worked on Lady E for a week or so though. Probably about halfway now.
Better get dressed and pack my lunch now.

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