Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 more....

days till my summer vacation. School starts for real next week. Kenny's in FL on his last day....Universal Studio seems to be the biggest hit for them. They've gone back every day I think. It's been hot and sunny all week...just watch, storms coming in this weekend and it looks like at least 5 days out of my 9 will be wet, so the other 4 will be muddy.

Confirmed to go to IF on the 28th of Sept for a week. That will be the week after our vacation to go to Kentucky. Then Machell and I came up with a horse camping weekend and the boss agreed! That's the 8th & 9th of Oct. I also have the 19th & 20th of Oct. So I'll be rolling over 3 days instead of 5?

Have some inside projects to do, as well as outside, next week....but the main goal is to bring Griff home the weekend after this, if not during the week!

Started spotting yesterday, and it's turned into a light (for me at least) period. See how it goes today. Have been really really tired after work. Started taking the herbals twice a day again.

Am half way through the Deathly Hallows book. And half through Best Eaten Cold. Finished my yellow Merit hat and it's just ok. I still love the cables & eyelet hat and Felicity the best. I'm thinking of doing cables & eyelet in Marine blue Malabrigo. Hand/arm warmers & mittens should be first on the list.

Two more days....

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