Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, sunday....

The air is very cool, and with the windows open (It's freakin July in Kansas!), I woke up to the pale light of dawn, birds singing outside, and a hot flash. We have had water since Friday evening. We do have a brand new plastic septic tank laying in a big old hole, with a backhoe/dozer looming over it. They have to bring more gravel & dirt on Monday to finish it. My US Bank credit card is laying there in the kitchen to pay for it. I can't take Mom's or TJ's money. The interest rate is going to kill me. I did call the ins. company and will hear from them this next week. If this is covered, I would be the happiest person in the entire world. My face is breaking out, which it hasn't done in forever.
TJ and I mowed and weedeated yesterday, and moved some aluminum around. There's still mowing to be done, but I see Kenny's truck here, so guess what he gets to do today. I have some plans to saw some branches down.
I loaded a bunch of movies on to the media drive last evening, until I couldn't sit in front of the laptop anymore. We watched 300 in hd and were struck again about how much better it looked. I'll have to replace some movies in the new format, and I get them.
Did another row on Lady E. I might be halfway. Still need to finish my black malabrigo hat, and Bobbi's khaki lamb's pride hat, and get them off the needles. Have a grey shrug, a khaki armwarmer, and a black cowl in progress.
Would love to see Griff today, but TJ will be using my car to go to her dad's. Would love a haircut and pedicure, but can't afford it. Hoping I have enough left to pay the propane and verizon bill. And insurance on 3 cars. Just opened the bill and it's $109. Propane is $190, and Verizon $251. And 3 months of trash is $48. I don't think I have enough. I hope the second check for the lightning damage comes soon.

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