Thursday, September 17, 2009

Too much.

You know, I bring this shit on myself. I asked for an extra day of vacation (tomorrow) cause I have so much to do. So now I have to take Bobbi's truck in to get front tires put on "and figure out if something's messed up underneath somewhere). I have to do IF's schedule today, and mine, cause Teresa is taking supervisor's class in Des Moines. I trained this supervisor and now I'm her backup. I'm very very proud of her (except her dates suck but I understand why she does it), and I am not a supervisor. Some hate it when I say I am just a scheduler, but the truth hurts, huh, boss? I know what I am, and I can't say I'm not recognized for it, but that's the way my special life goes. I bring too much on myself, and stress out, and sometimes have a black day. Some days I'm so high, I know I shine like the sun. The in-between days are lost in the fog. There's a medical term for this condition, but of course, it's on the tip of my tongue and I can't find the word. I know what I mean though. We leave for Kentucky on Sunday morning, and that trip will be a roller coaster of highs & lows. Dad's Parkinson's is such a contrast to the free moving, physical person I remember him to be. Then we get back and I leave for Iowa on the following Monday. Ran out of elec. rope for the fence, and the charger's f'ed up. Tucker gets his manliness removed on Friday, just for me. That bothers me a bit. Anyway, off to a day of highs & lows, and I hope it's bright as a comet streaking through a black night!

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