Thursday, September 10, 2009

Short week, ok?

The mammogram & sonogram seemed to go fine. The on the spot diagnosis was cysts. Results will be sent to the first doctor she saw in a few days. She doesn't know where they go from there. I think she feels a little better, but like me, doesn't trust it fully until 100% confirmed.

I cast on Ishbel, a little shawlette pattern all over the blogs, in indigo silky wool. The stockinette increases are easy, easy, but there is much more lace involved not too far down. I should put it aside for now, and kick out some hand warmers for the step-mom and start a hat for Dad, since we'll be going there in less than 2 weeks. I should look for a hand held texas poker game for TJ for her birthday, since we'll be taking Bob's SUV on the 10 hour road trip. I did pay for the tickets to the Blink concert for her & her sister, which they loved, but she deserves a little something more.

Alot going on at work, which is good, alot of stress, which is bad. Called a meeting today at 11:30, but the big boss can't come, so wants a summary sent out afterward. Must remember to take notes.

I want to plan on going to TSC after work to get the rest of the fence stuff. Hope I can push through the after work tiredness.

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