Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day weekend

My sister's birthday was Friday, so we went to her favorite place - the casino. Had a good time. Didn't do well on keno, so I went to the slots. Did alright there. Nothing spectacular but had money in my wallet when we left. Had the breakfast buffet with a coupon, so it cost me about $7.

Washed out the feed bins & new feed pan, put together the auto waterer and washed it, and my blue bucket. Didn't find the red one. Nailed a board onto the 2X4s inside the run in shed, to hold the feed pan. Haven't hammered a nail into anything that thick before. It took some effort. Did some mowing. Will be going to TSC today to fill my list. My nephew & son will need to set Tposts, do some digging, and nail some more boards for me today. Going to have to really push to get the fence wired up, and the battery charged so I can get Griff home!

Birthday dinner planned tonight, too.

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