Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mustang anyone?

I don't know how these things keep happening....... I bought a 2005 baby blue Mustang. Only, it's not mine, it's Timbers'. But I'm the buyer and she's the co-buyer. It's a 5 speed and has leather seats and "grumbles", which is true, as TJ says, is "awesome". Definitely a girl's car. Very pretty. I'll post a picture soon. We picked it up on Friday evening, then switched my car for Bobbi's Explorer and came home. Timber has a birthday tomorrow, and we'll be on our way to Dad's in Marrowbone, KY by 3am at the latest (that's the plan). Cheryl will bake a cake and we'll make tacos when we get there. We are going to me exhusband's house this morning and I'm going to pick up his electric fencer, and hopefully not stay long. We have to pack up, clean out Bobbi's truck, and get ready to go tonight.
I dropped Mom off at First Med cause her ankle has gotten worse. Went to D&D and arranged for 4 better tires & an alignment on the Explorer. Walked to Mass St., got my bearings and found Yarn Barn. Bought a skein of navy Cascade 220, and a Noro sub, self striping, and the kind lady wound them up for me. While I was waiting (they have an awesome swift), Mel called and she was right there on Mass. Parked and came in. We walked down a ways, went into a few antique shops, and the barber shop. Bought shampoo & conditioner by Redkin in Blonde Glam (for me) for $10 a bottle. D&D Tire called and reported they were putting the tires on and did I want the white letters in or out? I said, we're girls and we don't care, do whatever you thing looks best and how much longer? He said after the tires, then an hour for the 4 wheel alignment. So Mel and I went back to First Med and got Mom, who is in an ankle brace, and they want to sue the hotel where she hurt her ankle, cause she was looking at the food and not the stairs. They saw a "spot" on the Xray at her ankle bone, but don't know exactly what it is, so she has to have another xray in 2 weeks, and use a walker (which we have to pick up in Perry today, borrowing from Machell's mom) and stay off it. She will have the 2 dogs to take care of while we're gone. Note: need to talk to Kenny and write him a lunch check today. Starving to death, we went around the corner to El Mezcal's and had chicken chimis, and tostaguac, and huevos rancheros, respectedly. Went to Michaels to get Mom more yarn, and then the truck was done. $256 later, we went home and I had a horrible nap. Cold and woke up achey. Cast on for Dad's hat (Turn a square) did one row straight after joining in the round, and should have ribbed. Started ribbing and then TJ, Cheryl & I took off in the Mustang. I drove and not badly, to WalMart, got Mom's prescription, and coffee & stuff, and then went to the casino. Cheryl drove, and killed it multiple times. 5speed manual is harder than 18 truck gears, and that is the factual truth, my friends.....
So, here we are, Sat morning, at 7:43am, and no one is up but me, writing this. I have a skein of African Violet Malabrigo sock yarn, tracked in KC this morning, so won't get here till Monday, when I'm gone. That will be another Ishbel for me. Hopefully. If I can figure out the lace on this midnight blue Lavold silky wool one I'm almost to the lace part on.
Help me, I'm an idiot.

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