Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finishing the fence

The plan is to finish the fence and feeder today. We leave for Kentucky a week from today, and then I'm in Iowa for another week, so I'll try to bring Griff home on the 3rd of Oct. This month sure is flying by. Bought a power saw yesterday, so that will be scary. Maybe I can work on my room this afternoon. Need to move bookcases around, hang up my laundry. Michaels is still having a sale on artist (Timbers) and yarn (Mom needs another skein of baby pink to finish that baby blanket and might as well get another of Peony for booties and/or hat to match). Caron is not on sale, but should get one or two more skeins for that circular throw she started last night. Need to take pictures today and we'll see if I can start posting them here.

Bought some Irish oatmeal so I'll go cook some up right now.....

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