Sunday, October 18, 2009

4 day weekend!

My horse nanny & friend, Kim, came over yesterday afternoon, and helped me take the gate off the barn and set a post to move it to the side, instead. I need to get an L bracket to screw the post to the side of the barn for stability. She also moved the Tpost over to compensate for the smaller gate entry. This puts it off square, but I don't care. It's supposed to be around 65 degree today, and 70 tomorrow & Tuesday. Today will get the fence straightened out, and the gate hot, running the electric & the charger. That's the goal! Will also have to go to WalMart and get the groceries for TJ's anniversary family dinner between 3 - 5, but Cheryl will be doing all the baking & cooking, leaving me free to get the fence up. While Kenny & Justin are here, I think I'll have them dig 3 more post holes for a hay feeder by the barn, and cut & nail boards. And get everyone to carry the outdoor furniture in to the rec room/storage area.

Monday I have to tag the Mustang. If the fence is up, maybe Sherry can bring Griff home!

Tuesday, TJ & I have stuff to do in Lawrence, for her real anniversary date.

Then back to work on Wed.

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