Monday, October 19, 2009

Family Par-Tay!

Celebrating T's 1 year anniversary of sobriety. The date is really Tuesday, but the family gathered for Mexican food - tacos, enchiladas, guacamole, & white cheese dip & chips. Jimmy & Jim came, as well as Justin, Kay & Christian, Mel & John & Sean, and all the rest of us. She got a beautiful serenity prayer mobeius silver circle necklace from John & Mel, a Gunslinger picture book from me, and a huge pumpkin from Jim & Jimmy, and lots of cards. Chocolate from Mom. Cheryl did all the cooking, including this banana 3 layer cake, with chocolate mousse frosting and dark chocolate trim.
I worked on the fence all afternoon and got almost all the wiring up. Today I will be doing the electricals and setting 3 posts for a hay feeder area. It could be that Griff comes home tomorrow afternoon!
After most everyone left, TJ, Bobbi, Kenny & I watched the Half-Blood Prince together, just like the old days. None of us had seen it, but 3 of us had read the books. TJ was furious that they changed or left out alot from the book, of course. But all in all, everyone of us agreed, it was a most perfect day.

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