Saturday, November 20, 2010

Here comes a holiday

This cunning trio played a Halloween trick. They went upstairs, changed into costumes, went out the back door and around the house, and knocked. The dogs went wild. I dragged Dickie into my room, and Cheryl answered the door. When she yelled at me to let Dickie go - I knew. They didn't get candy, they got a rock.

Thanksgiving is next week. Mom went to San Diego for 2 weeks. The kids go to their dad's. Last year it was my sister and I across the feasting table. This year, it seems it will go that way again. We've kicked around some ideas to have an interesting day, but we probably won't make a hard decision until the day before. Mel's birthday is the day after, just like the year she was born. I'm knitting a second panta for her. The first was given to someone else who requested it. Since she's lent me thousands of dollars of horse training dvds, it was my pleasure.

Got a load of hay on Thursday morning. I'm feeding soaked alfalfa cubes and cutting back on the hay, so let's see how long this lasts.

We're done with the WM CRS at work. Our plant rocked it in November, but I hear the bonus will be pitiful. And the xmas party will have snacks instead of dinner. There will be door prizes, but I wonder. I signed up for me & Rob to go.

Got to schedule IF on Friday, which is dang hard for one day going into a weekend. But it was fun to talk to everyone there again.

T - if you're reading this, thanks for being my solitary reader. I will try to be more consistent and quite more entertaining from now on. Love you.

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