Monday, January 25, 2010


30 bales of bome hay delivered and stacked for $120 on Sat. 1/23. Griff had his feet trimmed (after much mud scraping). It's really windy and for the next 5 days, cold, as well. Chances of snow and wintry mix. The gusts are up to 40 mph, which makes feel much colder. Not like it was a few weeks ago, tg. You can actually see the sun coming in the garage. The 2 stainless steel cans hold Strategy feed, and black oil sunflower seeds. Being stocked up on food, for animals & my family is a great feeling. Paid bills this weekend and watched some movies, got quite a lot of knitting done. TJ and Bobbi got to go to a cousin's wedding and spend time with some NY family, and Kenny got busted at a party in Lawrence, after curfew. His sister picked him up and I found out after the fact. He hadn't been actually doing anything wrong, except being there without permission. I didn't get his chore list done. I'm not feeling very well lately and it's hard to make myself do alot of things. Really hard. Have hot flashes every hour or 2 and it's just draining and depressing. What am I thankful for? What can I look forward to? This is hard.

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