Thursday, January 7, 2010

What the frack?

It's below zero out there. I have a vacation day today, to go to a hearing at the high school, but school is closed today. Better to stay in the warm house. Well, my room is warm. This picture is from the day after xmas. I haven't gone out to feed yet this morning. I topped off the water tank yesterday, scooped poop out of the barn, and tore up some prairie hay to may the barn cushy. I also put 2 more flood lights out there. They say there will be wind chills of up to 30 below, until Sunday. I have to go back to work on Friday, which is supposed to be the coldest this week. TJ is staying in Lawrence with Bobbi for awhile. My xmas present will arrive today, so I can hook up a media player in my bedroom, and put some movies & shows on the new drive. It's 74 in L.A.

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