Monday, January 18, 2010

Long weeks, short weekends

No holidays coming up until Good Friday. I didn't get much done at all this weekend. I woke up Sat. with spasms in my lower back. Friday night, while feeding the hairies, I found the barn stock tank almost empty with the heating elements exposed. Must have misjudged the water level in the dark the previous nights. So attached the hose and the steam clouded over the tank while I filled it up. It's a miracle it still works, and that the boys didn't get electricuted. Took the hose to the front lot tank and it had definitely been used, so topped it off as well. Unhooked the hose and drained it, all the while slipping around on the ice & snow patches. So somewhere I tweaked my back and felt it the next morning. By afternoon, the cramps I had been having off and on all week, kicked in hard. At one point, was threatening to go to the emergency room. Applying heat and advil finally brought it down after about 4 hours. Am going to make an appt. this week, somewhere. Must call David to get another load of hay this weekend, and Griff has a trim appt this weekend. Sunday, I got the xmas tree undecorated and packed away. KK has to carry all the stuff to the rec room today. I did do laundry, but didn't finish. Have to make a list of chores for Kenny this week. Have to get going!

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