Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing's really changed.

Nothing's changed at work, except I managed to almost blow off what's coming. Went to court today, and nothing's changed there either. Kenny still has 4 weeks till he can go back to school, but now he has to go to court that day instead. It was postponed because I blew off getting some legal advice. The court appointed guy is old, and been around awhile. They gave him the paperwork when we opened the door to the court room, so there's why the postponement. Basically, either we go for a diversion and hope K has sense to make it through without more trouble, then he doesn't have a juvenile record, can get in the air force, or even get a scholarship. Or we just let the conviction go through and it still costs us money, but probably somewhat less, and none of the above. Have to go for the diversion. Unless we want to give up hope for future for him. Can't do that.

Obviously, I tend to blow things off, hoping they go away. I tell myself I'm giving things time to develop and mature, not wanting to jump the gun and make any hasty decisions. That could be true at the beginning, but can't do it forever, evidently.

TJ's out on a 3rd date. She's very scared. Don't blame her. one. bit.

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