Monday, April 11, 2011


My baby boy turned 18 on March 15th. We celebrated at Jeremiah Bullfrog's in Topeka. I invited Jim to dance, but I don't think he got it.

It's actually April 11th. Took me this long to recover my password to get on here. Today, I just typed a little, and bam, I'm in. I'm an idiot.

My 3 youngest eggs are moving in together, in a townhouse, in Lawrence on Saturday. I'm so sad, and yet, very happy and hopeful for them.

I have a new Iphone coming on Wed. I hate talking on phones, pretty much. I guess if I have to do it, I want to do it with style.

Going to Kentucky on the 22nd. Dad's doing well, they just want to give us money. I want to grab some 200 year old hand made bricks and some paw paw seeds. Play a little Bingo.

I detest outsource scheduling. I like the people, but it just doesn't flow right. And because it's housewares, I don't think it ever can. Do not want to do this next year. I got to make a resume. It would be kick ass and stylish, I'm sure. Since I'm about to lose $744 a month in child support and Timberly income, and I owe the IRS $817 because Kenny turned 17 last year, I really can't afford to leave my job. The credit card people want to get me too.

I changed my room around and have sorted and trashed some stuff. I really like the half I've worked on. Will continue this, but need new paint. Want to ride.

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