Saturday, June 25, 2011

Change is coming

Timberly's a big girl now....she has even has a boyfriend, named Brandon, she knew in grade school in Oskaloosa. Bobbi seems to be infatuated with a short guy. She said she might be bringing him to meet us, which means seriousness. Melissa and I had a great time together, when I forced myself on her one weekend, and she called me to stay the night last night. Had to leave early though. Kenny, I don't hear from, and not much has changed there.....yet.

Today I bypassed the front lot gate with hot wire, mowed all around and inside so there'd be good contact, and proceeded to take the whole front lot fence down. All that's left to do is pop the Tposts out tomorrow before Kim gets here. We'll load up her truck with parts that she needs to create a living space for the monsters. They will be moving up there this week. Russ comes the 2nd of July and we'll be running out to Dad's at some point. Have that whole week of the 4th off. Then we'll have to get the shed out to her house at some point, and take the rest of the fence down, and put down a hella lot of grass seed. I'm going to sell my beautiful house. And move to Lawrence. It will be a great cost savings. I'll still go see Griff & Tucker, still support them as much as I can. Moving them is step one. Finances step 2. Dumpster and all non essentials gone, step 3. Flooring & paint & small repairs step 4. For Sale sign step 5. Rent an apt. with crappy credit step 6. May not finish till next spring or summer, but I gotta make a change.

I still wanna ride.

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